November 2016

Ridlr, Your Only Travel Buddy

If you are a daily commuter or someone who travels mostly in local public transits to reach your destination, there are chances that most of your time gets wasted in traveling. The more time you spend traveling from your home to the workplace or vice versa, the less time you get to spend with your family and added to this, traveling sucks up your energy. With the feeling of frustration

Know about Albania: its culture, values and other interesting facts

The biggest benefits of traveling are that you can get to know about the other parts of the world. You can relate and connect yourself with their lives. There are so many countries that are still undiscovered when it comes to travelling. Albania is one of those countries is not much popular from traveler’s point of view but still there are lots of things that you should know about this

Things to know during packing your stuff:  Tips

Many of you may aware with the shifting experiences. Shifting is a long, tired, time consuming and energy draining project for anyone. However, there are numerous movers companies they can help you in shifting. But, before that you need to know about most crucial part of a shifting process i.e. packing your stuff .putting everything in a box is not a correct definition of a packing, there are lots of

Day Trip from Marmaris to Rhodes

The Greek island of Rhodes is just 45-away from the Marmaris Port! Experience the gorgeous sights and enjoy this graceful island during our relaxing day trip from Marmaris to Rhodes. Journey across the sea by our express catamaran or hydrofoil can take you from Marmaris to the Rhodes Island within an hour. The bustling streets of the Rhodes City, delicious Greek food and historical places in the island make your

Vietnam Tour 25 Days for Unforgettable Long Holiday

You may be confused to find the best destination to spend your long holiday. if you have 25 days off and you do not know where to spend your days to get fun activities, then you are recommended to visit Vietnam to see the beauties offered. Viet Bamboo Travel offers you a special tour package to spend your long Holiday to see the beauties of Vietnam Nature. You can enjoy

How A Car Rental Service Can Benefit You?

Traveling to some unknown places would be a disastrous decision if you don’t get any affordable car rental service. You may have fancied hiring some cabs or some taxi drivers while traveling but believe me, it would be best for you to rent a car as per your requirement. It is well comprehended that traveling to some unknown places would cost you a fair amount of money, so it would

Guide to eating like a local in Mumbai

Mumbai is all about cutting chai, spicy vada pav, messy kathi rolls and guilty deserts. The people of the city love their food and also make the outsiders ditch their diet and like the food. So if you are new in Mumbai or are here on a business/educational tour, get ready to taste the cuisine that has been shaped by centuries of seasoning by the Portuguese and British colonists, fishermen

All You Need to Know about the hotels in Turkey

Are you a travel lover? If yes then there is no doubt that you are going to fix your next holiday destination. If I’m right then there is no doubt that you would have to be more organised this time. You should be very careful about booking a hotel. We can tell you the same about booking the air ticket also. But before all you need to fix the place

How to Get from Zurich to Switzerland’s Top Ski Destinations

When it comes to skiing destinations, Switzerland is hard, if not impossible, to beat. The imposing Alps create some of the most magnificent European landscapes. Meanwhile, the rich culture of the place makes tourists fall in love with Switzerland over and over again, irrevocably and without a cure. Once you go to Switzerland, you’re hooked. If you wish to give skiing a go, or you’re a pro at this demanding

4 Awe-Inspiring Museums & Galleries in Hobart

Hobart is an exceptional city situated on the River Derwent and the capital city of Tasmania. It boasts a diverse culture, blend of heritage, world-class tourist attractions, and spectacular scenery. Each visitor will truly appreciate this vibrant city, for you will definitely have something to do, regardless of your age and preferences. Apparently, Hobart is the second oldest capital in Australia, next to Sydney. It is one of the best