April 2021

Heading to Alaska? Don’t Miss These 5 Places

Alaska is one of the most striking and undamaged state of the US. It is really wonderful place which boasts the endangered animals, wilderness, and rough nature. It is a major place for a number of adventurous activities like hiking, skiing, climbing, and so on. You can experience a variety of snow-based activities. However, it also holds attractive parks, forests, mountains, ice caves, and beautiful glaciers. In short, it is

Are you covered by Medicare when you travel?

Although traveling can be exciting, it is important to be prepared for a potential health emergency. This means understanding your coverage and how it will work if you are out of the county, state, or country. Medicare insurance has various parts and plans, so you will want to know how each covers you while traveling. Original Medicare coverage when traveling Original Medicare is Part A, and Part B. Part A