Ridlr, Your Only Travel Buddy

Ridlr, Your Only Travel Buddy

If you are a daily commuter or someone who travels mostly in local public transits to reach your destination, there are chances that most of your time gets wasted in traveling. The more time you spend traveling from your home to the workplace or vice versa, the less time you get to spend with your family and added to this, traveling sucks up your energy. With the feeling of frustration growing in your minds, you must be looking for a miracle to happen to save yourself from the commute problems you face every day. Whether it is standing in long queues to get your ticket to the destination or the arrival time of your next bus or train, all these little things add up to the worst experience for travelers.

What Ridlr Does?

Keeping all these problems in mind, one of the best transit apps today, Ridlr, has been developed to keep you away from the long queues at the ticket counter and hassles of carrying change to buy a ticket.Image result for Ridlr, Your Only Travel Buddy.

Ridlr is India’s local transport ticketing and commuting app aimed at easing the travel of daily commuters and visitors in the cities. Ridlr is supposed to provide the users with the arrival and departure time of metro, trams, trains, airport buses, local buses along with their display maps and route to the destination. Not only this, Ridlr helps commuters getting their tickets done without worrying about standing in a queue at the ticket counter or to get a bus or metro pass recharge using Ridlr. With just one click, everything becomes a child’s play with Ridlr app.

Ridlr is a free app for the android smartphones available on the Google Play Store. Easy to install, Ridlr works smoothly on all mobile phone devices with access to the internet connection or nearby Wi-Fi. Unlike any other transit app, it does not face any crash problems and runs efficiently. As per the device requirement, it works very well on all the android and iOS based smartphones.

Why you should use Ridlr?

Ridlr contains every map route of buses, train, metros, trams and any other local transit system in most of the Indian Cities. With the growing traffic congestion in most metropolitan cities of India, Ridlr serves as a boon for the daily commuter and visitors, updating them about each information of the transit system they use. Getting late for the work? Missed your bus? Waiting for your next train? Don’t worry, Ridlr will tell you about each local transit system in your city.


Compared to other transit apps available in India, Ridlr stands out among all as it is equipped with extra added features like recharging your bus pass or metro smart card with a single touch and parking information in your city so that you always have a place to park your own personal vehicle. Ridlr also helps you in notifying about the current traffic status of the route you are traveling on.

To get the maximum benefits of this internet driven application, just take out your mobile phone and download Ridlr app from the google play store and start getting updates on your next bus or metro.

Make your travel easier and fun with this cool app available for free.

Author Bio: Ravi Khemani, the CTO and Co-founder at Ridlr, a mobile application for making public transit easier. He has been a part and parcel of the organization even before its inception in May 2010. He holds a Masters degree from the University of Missouri, Kansas (UMKC), United States. When Ravi returned to India, he noticed that there was no way for commuters to know alternate routes to reach their destination faster, unlike in the States  where he was used to seeing live traffic information on the GPS and this gave birth to the idea of Ridlr. Ravi’s hobbies include reading about Tech/Algorithms, Learning, and Programming new tech, and traveling to scenic places.