Know about Albania: its culture, values and other interesting facts

Know about Albania: its culture, values and other interesting facts

The biggest benefits of traveling are that you can get to know about the other parts of the world. You can relate and connect yourself with their lives. There are so many countries that are still undiscovered when it comes to travelling. Albania is one of those countries is not much popular from traveler’s point of view but still there are lots of things that you should know about this country. Albania is a country of raw beauty, where you can feel the originality of things. There is so much to know, and so much to discover when it comes to Albania. So, for telling you more about the place and making you more familiar with Albania culture here is a short introduction.Image result for Know about Albania: its culture, values and other interesting facts

Know about the culture and tradition

Albania is a combination of modern time and traditional time. It’s a native place for Balkan people who live in southern side in Europe.  You can better know them as Shqiptarë. There are basically two types of cultural groups in Albania i.e. the Ghegs and Tosks. Ghegs community lives in north side whereas Tosks are in southern part of Albania. But still they hold their culture strongly and keep their nation identity in the world

The dressing style

The traditional clothing of Albanian people is made by cotton, silk and wool by craftsman. They wear really colorful dresses that are decorated with embroideries and themes like eagle, etc. the Albanian‘s women clothes are bright and colorful whereas old women wear simpler and less color full dress. The men wear white kilt also known as Fustanella with tirqe, a long pant. They also wear long sleeve jackets and hat called qeleshe with their clothes.  Opinga is a traditional shoe in Albania that comes in different shapes and colors. But nowadays, the people wear casual western dresses like jeans, shirts, miniskirts etc.

Communication style

There are some Albanian culture facts that are important to know, such as their verbal and nonverbal communications are different from others. Like if an Alabamian meets you then he will greet you with a kiss or hug, no matter you are of same gender or opposite. In Albania, people from same genders can hold their hand in public, where in other countries it’s an indication of something like romantic gesture. You can’t smile at strangers, for them it’s a rude or impolite behavior.

Celebrations and holiday sin Albanian

Albania is rich in festivals, celebrations and holidays. You can see lots of things like Kënga Magjike is a musical event for Albanians that is really important for them. On that day, various bands, singing group come together from different countries for celebrating the great event. Other than that Albanians celebrate Independence Day on 28th November, Mother’s Day, and Gjirokastra National Folklore Festivals. There are many more celebrations and festivals in Albania. Children’s Day, May Day, Mother Teresa Day, Liberation Day, April’s Fool Day, etc. are some major holidays in Albania.