10 Fun Activities in Banyuwangi, Indonesia

10 Fun Activities in Banyuwangi, Indonesia

Banyuwangi, the easternmost region of ​​East Java, provides many activities for people who enjoy the adventure. This hidden treasure retains organic sophistication and a wonderful heritage. To not forget the hot people of Osing, neighborhood men and women that are enjoyable to fulfill. You can arrange excursions by researching the property of customers and merry festivals. Listed below are ten exciting actions in Banyuwangi we urge:

1. KawahIjen

If you’re thinking about going with the nature, scaling Mount Ijen is a task which we highly recommend. Moreover, you can observe a rare all-natural phenomenon, specifically ‘blue flame’. This blue flame may only be appreciated in the daytime (01.00 – 03.00). Ijen Crater is the biggest crater from East Java in the shape of an acid river. You’ll be surprised to observe that the miners rising and descending the cavity whilst taking the yellow boulders.

2. Alas Purwo National Park

This conservation area is also home to many endangered species like the Javanese buffalo, bull, peafowl, and respective endemic birds. The action that’s seeded is observing the uncontrolled Javanese buffalo from the wild. The ideal time to see this park is during the rainy period (center of this year) if buffaloes roam searching for water resources.

3. Selendang Arum waterfall

If you’re interested in finding an alternate view beside the shore, you may want to select the Selendang Arum waterfall located in north of Banyuwangi. Large and robust water droplets stream down the stone face of this waterfall. Splashing about in the water and appreciating the drifting dew is highly suggested!

4. Rujak Soto

Among those actions you need to try out a neighborhood food, rujaksoto. It seems odd, but the combo of vegetables, cingur, and sauce produce an exceptional taste. There are lots of restaurants serving rujaksoto across the primary street.

5. Green Bay Beach

You need to pass rocky streets and dense woods before arriving at the place. The black sand beach facing the Indian Ocean would be the power of this shore, inviting one to love it.

6. G-Land Beach

Plengkung Beach is called G-Land Beach and among the greatest places to surf on earth. This region is a paradise for customers worldwide because of its stunning beaches and rolling waves. It’s called G-Land since it’s situated at Grajagan Bay. There are numerous intriguing accommodations within this field which become a surf camp in the kind of little bungalows. By Bali, you can accomplish this location.

7. Pulau Merah Beach

It’s a great idea to add Pulau Merah Beach to your itinerary. This clean shore is known as ‘Pulau Merah’ since the sand turns reddish in the rainy season. There’s a tiny green hill before the shore, and it becomes an intriguing background when shooting photos with this shore. It is possible to enjoy several activities at Red Beach like swimming, sunbathing pool, or constructing reddish sand forests.

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