Highlights On Shooting Lively Portraits 

How To Shoot, Retouch, and Process Portraits With Natural Light ...

We all think that the days of old, conventional photo shoots are mostly over. Customers (at least private ones) have had enough portraits, in which the light is usually ready before they enter the room. We can see that the majority want to get out. Out into nature or on the street – the main thing is outdoor, with natural light, a relaxed atmosphere, and fresh ideas.

How to plan your photoshoot

Each shoot begins with planning – once more, sometimes less. If you choose a person as a motif, it is enough to make a location and time with the desired model. Often, a few mood photos are collected, in which direction it could go.

If it is to be a bit more conceptual, a little more creativity is needed. In the end, all the components from which the photo is built must interlock the location, the model, the time, the pose, the outfit, accessories, and props.

What You Should Consider When Shooting On-Site

We want to take vivid yet natural photos. One aspect of this is the existing light, which you have to fit in as advantageous as possible on site. You are not in the studio, where you are “in control” and can set up everything exactly as you would like it to be.

Instead, you have to surrender to the circumstances and have a few basic ways to “set” the light.

The best tip for this is to avoid direct or strong sunlight. It gets easier under an overcast sky or in the shade. Here, the light no longer comes hard from above (which sometimes creates the “sunglasses effect” with the eye sockets in the shade), but instead is reflected softly from the rest of the surroundings under the ledge.

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