Do You Want to have a Brilliant Themed Party? Here’s a List of the Most Popular Party Themes Today

Do You Want to have a Brilliant Themed Party? Here’s a List of the Most Popular Party Themes Today

Planning a ‘regular’ party is already daunting in itself – what more for a ‘themed’ party? But if you want your party to be extra special and extra fabulous, a themed party is the way to go. Themed parties are all the rage, whether you’re planning an anniversary, a bridal shower, a birthday, or a corporate event, etc. Themed parties can run the gamut from a 70s-style ‘psychedelic’ party to a party that is farm or ‘cowboy’ themed. So, what’s the deal on themed parties nowadays? Do you want to have a brilliant themed party? Here’s a list of the most popular party themes today.

A rustic Italian themed party

If you are planning an engagement party, you already know that there should be an element of romance to the party to make it more special. But the rustic country-style idea is already so popular, and your guests would have probably seen it more than once. If you want something a bit more memorable, why not plan a rustic Italian themed party? This kind of party is perfect for the outdoors (don’t forget the barbecue!), but it’s also ideal for an indoor event. The idea is to bring out the full charm of the Italian countryside with burlap tablecloths, wooden cutlery, wildflowers placed in glass jars, wooden serving boards, and printed, colourful straws. You can even string up beautiful fairy lights and put candles on the tables for a more rustic, charming look. For the food, you can opt for classic and well-loved Italian specialities such as antipasto (especially prosciutto and salami), olives, and cheese. Follow these starters with grilled seafood and meats as well as freshly-baked bread and salad with mozzarella cheese. Of course, serve plenty of Italian wine and lemonade.

A retro themed party

While 70s-themed parties are still quite popular, you can go a bit off the well-trodden track with a retro-themed party based on the 50s and 60s. Think James Dean and Marilyn Monroe hanging out at that classic American diner. For styling, make use of bright and bold colours, stripes, polka dots, novelty décor and souvenirs, a bar serving milkshakes, and a photo booth. For food, there are a lot of choices as well, from burgers and hotdogs to fries and popcorn and candy and bubblegum. Go all out with the theme, and you’d be surprised at how such a themed party can bring on a sweet sense of nostalgia in your guests.

A white themed party

There’s no denying that black-themed parties are popular, and you’ve probably been to a few yourself. But if you want something different – the exact opposite – then why not have a white themed party? White themed parties are also becoming quite trendy and for a good reason. Think elegance and glamour with a white-coloured marquee, twinkling fairy lights, decorative ‘gem’ centre-pieces and crystal chandeliers, white candles, and white confetti. Make sure to have plenty of champagne for all the guests as well (this is important, as confirmed by the best party planners in Oxfordshire, Oasis Events). Ask everyone to come in their best and most glamorous white outfit and serve dainty canapés and hors-d’oeuvres or a full three-course meal.