Being apart on holidays, is it possible?

Being apart on holidays, is it possible?

Which are the reasons that lead a couple to spend the summer holidays separately? What are the concerns that may have?

The need for separate holidays usually occurs under the guise of the different needs. The man wishes to go for camping, spend all day fishing. On the contrary, his partner longs for a holiday on a cosmopolitan island in Indonesia, staying in Sudirman Hotel in order to rest from the intensity of everyday life and professional obligations and spend some luxury days in the marvelous capital of the greatest archipelago. After all there are plenty things to do there, such as go shopping at some great malls in the city or taking care of yourself. Jakarta is really famous for all the cosmetic therapies that can be found at all of the major hotels.

But what about the separate holidays? Is it a symptom of a break up?

Typically, couples who choose to enjoy the summer moon on different beaches are couples who are already following this practice, and everybody and his family go out on a daily basis all year round.

The passion and enthusiasm is dominated by new couples, so they are eager to take a break together. In the event that either of them chooses not to spend the summer holiday together, such an attitude suggests defense of the evolution of the relationship, as well as the obligations it entails.

On the other hand, there is also the economic issue: the one has the comfort to go on holiday, while the other not. If your partner is hard to leave, then this should make you think harder because surely the holidays will not be the only indication that he does not support you.

Do married couples feel the same way too?

Married couples with children are not used to having a special holiday. But in a traditional family country, the special holidays seem like something absurd – it’s something that happens in general. More specifically, when the husband lives in the city because of business obligations, while the wife and children go on vacation for the summer months and the husband just visits them when he is able to. The fact that there is no question of choice, because children clearly do not bother to spend the whole summer in town, excuses any separate exits on both sides.

In conclusion, separate holidays for a married couple with children pose many issues, such as family and quality time. Children need to spend time with both parents. Children’s memories build their character. When the couple is separated, they have to find time for their children. Everything happens when there is good will and mutual retreats, always for the benefit of the children.

Is it therefore the conscious choice – to spend the summer vacation separately – that makes it plausible or the fact that holidays include groups of friends that can drift the other half into irregularities?

 Holiday with friends

What a partner wants to spend a weekend with his / her companion does not necessarily mean that he is bored and that he is looking for an escape within a weekend. If a holiday has to do with an old hobby, such as kite surf or climbing, it is a need for the person to strengthen the bond with his or her friends, which he may have neglected due to everyday life. Even when the holidays have to do with a new experience, such as sailing or road trip, they are not necessarily a threat to the relationship. Quality time with friends is not interference with the relationship, but strengthening the already existing friendly bond.

Requirements go with package and rules

Honest discussion – openly share your concerns about separate holidays. If you do not trust your partner and there is a fear that your partner will find an opportunity to defraud you during the holidays, perhaps the separate holidays may endanger your relationship.