Spend Days Before Christmas Writing a Santa Card with Your Kids

Spend Days Before Christmas Writing a Santa Card with Your Kids

Are you running out of things to do with your child days before Christmas? A good activity would be to write a letter to Santa. Yes, Santa is not real, but in your kids’ eyes, he is. You can capitalise on this fantasy, and start writing a beautiful letter to Santa.

This letter must be about their excellent qualities making them deserving of a gift, the gift they want to receive, and what they promise to do the next year. Writing the letter not only helps them feel excited, but it is also educational. You might have asked them to practise writing the entire year, and this is the only time when they get excited about it.

Bonding moments with kids

Throughout the year, you have been busy with work. When you leave home in the morning, your kids are still asleep. As you arrive home, they are already sleeping. You have missed a lot during the year. It is your chance to make it up to them. Spend more time bonding with them, and writing a letter to Santa is an excellent way to bond. Of course, it is just one of the many things that you should do. You must also bake with them, decorate the Christmas tree, and play in the snow.

Highlight their good qualities

At a young age, it is essential to let your kids realise that they have great qualities. Their teachers and classmates might praise them, but it is still different if the realisations come from them. They need to know that they are valuable in many ways. In writing a letter to Santa, they need to talk about why they are nice, and why they deserve to receive Christmas gifts. You can also ask them to justify why they describe themselves in that way.

Create a fake response too

After writing the letter to Santa, you can place the note in the Christmas stocking. Tell them that Santa will pick the letters up. Of course, they will expect a response. You can buy a letter from Santa online and have a fake answer to their message. You can also promise the arrival of Christmas gifts on Christmas Day. Otherwise, they will be disappointed, and lose their faith in Santa.

Just enjoy your time

Whatever activity you decide to do during the holidays, the point is for you to do it together. Spend beautiful moments with your kids. They won’t be young for long. They will soon grow older, and they will not feel the same way about Christmas anymore as they do now. You must make the most out of your time together since you will miss it when things change.

You should also be grateful that you have this time to bond as a family. Whether Santa is real or not, it does not matter. The point is that you can find a way to connect with them. Using Santa to your advantage does not hurt.