October 2016

Make Your Stay Comfortable and Affordable While Holidaying

Holidays are always an exciting opportunity to unwind, relax and explore new destinations, especially picturesque locations.These are also to know different cultures and traditions, sample local cuisine as well as new exotic flavours and delicacies. Many plan their holidays to scenic locales – a beach destination or a hilly terrain, a snow-clad mountain place or a luxurious resort. However, planning a getaway to a new city can be exciting and

Traveling with Kids to Bali? Top Things to Experience

Any trip with kids can be tiresome and frustrating. You must compromise – you’ll either do less for their sake or you risk getting them tired and angry. However, doing less in Bali is a shame; anyone should be making the most of their stay. Here’s the solution: have a look at the activities, opportunities and suggestions that can make it all fun and convenient for the entire party. Driver

Discover Benefits of Renting Car Via Car Rental Comparison Services

Everybody wants to have good car, but everybody does able to buy his own car. Car is not all for luxury, sometime we need car because to handle the emergency situations. Whether you are in need to reach a meeting in your office or there is an emergency admitting any member of your family to hospital, you need a car. When you do not have car, you can rent a

Fire Safety Tips Every RV Owner Should Know

Most people have seen pictures of RVs on fire and, let’s face it, it does look pretty scary. If you haven’t seen how an RV looks like when it’s on fire, try Googling “RV fire” and you’ll see pictures of horrifying scenes. No one wants to put his or her family into danger. Fire safety should be a priority of every RV owner. Truth be told, RV fires are pretty

Holiday Illness Claims

Holidays should not be remembered for the pain and suffering they’ve caused but if you have experienced illness on holiday through no fault of your own, you’re unlikely to have good memories. Holiday illnesses are usually due to food poisoning or other gastric issues and these often come about due to the lack of cleanliness or unsanitary conditions at the chosen hotel or accommodation you are provided. Suffering holiday sickness

A Quick History on Yoga

Yoga may be a relatively new fitness trend in the West, but the beginnings of this very ancient practice can be traced as far back as the Indus-Sarasvati civilization, in Northern India more than 5,000 years ago.  As a matter of fact, the first mention of the term “yoga” was in the oldest sacred texts known as the Rig Vega: one of a collection of “Vedas” containing mantras, rituals, and