Try These 5 Greatest Makassar Foods While Discovering South Sulawesi

Wonderful Indonesia

Makassar could be called the culinary paradise of Central Indonesia. When the dusk comes, the frenzy starts. The lively streets are sprinkled with a large number of vendors using their unique food stalls offering multitudinous foods out of mouth-watering fish to burnished brown banana with palm sugar sauce. We guarantee that every one of the foodies will always fall in love with all the gem.

Here are some of the top 5 Makassar foods that you should try:

  1. Coto Makassar

Coto Makassar, also referred to as Coto Mangkasar, is a traditional thick soup comprised of beef offal such as heart, tripe, brain, lung, liver, and gut. What makes the broth dark is your ground peanuts, rice water, and spices. It is usually eaten with Burasa, a sort of Ketupat, the compressed rice cake wrapped in coconut leaves. To enhance the flavor, sambal sauce is often added.

  1. Sop Konro

Do you love ribs? Don’t miss tasting the beautiful Sop Kong. The blackish soupy dish intensifies the scented feeling of spareribs and beef. Also, the strong taste emerges because of the blend of rich spices such as keluwak (from the scientific discipline, it’s called Pangium edule), coriander, lemongrass, and turmeric. Another variant is that the Konro Bakar or broiled Kong.

  1. Barongko

Makassar is also famed for its Bugis steamed banana bite, named Barongko. The floor banana is blended with a few essential ingredients such as sugar, condensed milk, egg, salt, and vanilla powder. This sweet dessert can be enjoyed both hot and cold.

  1. Pisang Epe

Pisang Epe is an ideal delicious snack which highlights the pleasure of grilled banana. If you would like to try out the other variations, you could try the chocolate, jam and cheese taste. To get this kind of food is so effortless, just hit Pantai Losari in the evening.

  1. Es Palu Butung

To create the whitish vla sauce, the rice flour is cooked with coconut milk, pandan leaf, salt, sugar, and vanilla powder. The final touch is to add it into the celery banana, red syrup, and some ice cubes. Eat it while it’s still cold.