5 Tricks You Should Know Before A Cooking Tour

5 Tricks You Should Know Before A Cooking Tour

Gastronomic tourism is another way of knowing a place, its history, and its culture. To be able to experience and live in a very close approach, a city or a region, it is necessary to taste its typical cuisine. And, if you’re also a food lover, you’ll love trying local dishes. Therefore, we explain five tricks to make your cooking vacation experience perfect.


  • Exploring


When we feel like tasting new flavors and different dishes, we should explore. You have to avoid establishments that are already known, and you have to talk to the inhabitants of each site to receive recommendations. The best way to see where you can eat the most typical, at a reasonable price and with quality, is to ask the locals.

You can always vary between restaurants and less formal places to taste all kinds of food. Also, we always recommend trying new things and never eat in an area that you already know when you are traveling.

But it is also essential to look for necessary data to avoid problems such as allergies, intolerances, or particular tastes. In spite of this, it is good to try your luck and skip the plan from time to time. A great adventure is to try the food at street stalls.


  • Choose Which Products Call Your Attention


You indeed want to explore, but it is good to prepare a list of foods that you want to try on the trip. Ideally, you should look for information through the internet before arriving at the place to know what kind of spices and foods are typical.

Especially when it is a different language, you should look for information on local cuisine and find out what dishes are essential to try on the spot. In this way, you will be closer to the culture and flavors of the sites you visit.


  • Never Say, “No.”


Gastronomic tourism is about experimenting. A dish can be attractive or exotic, but also strange. However, the best advice we can give you is never to say “no.”

Trying and experiencing different and typical products can be quite an adventure, from insects in certain Asian countries to snails in France. Besides, I’m sure that afterward, you’ll always have a good anecdote to tell about the trip.


  • Take Pictures Of Everything


An excellent activity to learn and review all the experiences during a trip is to consider the photos taken. Sometimes memory fails, and we are not able to remember what we have tried. Also, so we can show it to others.

Take pictures of the food, the place where you tasted it and then try to remember the name of the typical dishes. This is a good trick because if you go back to the same place, you can always go back to the same restaurant or residence.


  • Go To A Market


The best way to know the cuisine of any place is to go to a market. There you can talk to the sellers and ask all your questions or curiosities. Besides, you can see each product up close without cooking and even taste typical foods of excellent quality if you are looking for a traditional market, instead of a supermarket.

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