Traveling from Mumbai to Delhi? A Rethink on The Cheapest Travel Option

Traveling from Mumbai to Delhi? A Rethink on The Cheapest Travel Option

Gone are the days when traveling by air was a big affair and was restricted to high-class people. The most luxurious, comfortable and fastest mode of transportation is not expensive anymore. The Internet has made everything accessible and convenient. We are just a click away from doing anything and everything. Booking tickets was never this easy. In fact, online ticket booking facility became a trend. Since its inception, the pain of physically going to get the tickets has reduced significantly.

Earlier one had to plan at least a month in advance to travel even to domestic destinations as booking tickets was never easy.

One had to visit Flight Counters or go to a Travel Agent and get the tickets booked. We are well aware of the evolving technology in India which has led to the increase of daily travelers from Mumbai to Delhi flights as both these cities contribute majorly to the economy of our country. As the medium class travel has increased, the fares of airline tickets have taken a dive.

Let’s find out why air route for traveling from Mumbai to Delhi is faster and cheaper.

  1. More Convenient To Book

Flights from Mumbai to Delhi are anyway convenient as you can book tickets online and get the ticket confirmed immediately through The website is easy to navigate and gives you a hassle-free experience while booking an online flight ticket.

  1. Cheaper than AC train.

Many people live with the misconception that AC trains are cheaper and more comfortable for long journeys but that’s only half true. You need to book your train ticket at least 2 months prior to get a confirmed seat. Moreover, it generally takes almost 24 hours to reach your destination. You can book your flight ticket online from Mumbai to Delhi 15 days prior at the same fare and can enjoy the luxury of a flight and save your time too.

  1. Discounts on online ticket booking.

The bumper offers, deals, and discounts on online ticket booking has made traveling really profitable. Websites like enable their users to avail great discounts and offers on booking flight tickets. By keeping an eye on the deals they offer, we can get rewards of as much as INR 750 on every domestic booking!

  1. A quick hack that will help you get the best deal

Here is a hack that will let you smartly enjoy the dip in ticket fares. Many of you might not be aware but whenever we go online to check the increase and decrease in flight fares, the company tracks our browsing pattern. So when we log in to check again and again, they automatically increase the fares. Now, as you know the secret, don’t forget to turn your default browser mode into incognito.

  1. Additional Discounts on Apps –  Not available on IRCTC

Amazing growth in technology has gifted us the boon of apps. Online ticket booking apps can give you many unbelievable deals on flight ticket from Mumbai to Delhi. Booking from an app has more benefit than booking from a website; as apps provide better deals, discounts and limited period offers which can make your travel experience affordable and hassle-free. One can use promo codes and can avail great discounts directly on transaction.