Top Tips To Save Money When Holidaying In Rome

Top Tips To Save Money When Holidaying In Rome

When in Rome, do like the Romans do and you would end up saving a lot of money. There are many money saving hacks for travelling to Rome on a budget, but of course, you would have to do a bit of research and keep your pocket tightly clipped from your heart, because temptations and luxuries of Rome would woo you. However, do not worry, because the money saving hacks we suggest you here are going to let you enjoy everything you wanted to do in Rome in style, while saving you money at the same time. So, let’s get started with the tips to save money –

Prefer Standing In Café and Bars

While it might be something that is new to you, it is true that taking a table to have your coffee or a drink would add around five pounds to your bill. Such is the rush in some of the bars and café that suddenly this system would make sense.Image result for Top Tips To Save Money When Holidaying In Rome

Take Public Transportation Instead Of Taxis

Public transportation is going to cost you fraction of what you pay for taxis. It would need some waiting and pre-planning, but it would all make sense when you do the math. And, if you are going to travel a lot at different places in and around your travel city, this would save you a bomb.

Take Public Buses Instead Of Tourist Bus

The difference between the tourist and public bus is a matter of discussion. A bit of more luxury and maintenance, and a lot of tourists will cost you a lot more than the public buses locals use, which actually also go through the same routes and destination. Do a little more research and get to know the routes, and you will be saving a lot here.

Carry Water Bottle And Fill Up At Water Outlets

When travelling, you would need a lot of water to keep you hydrated, and it is no secret that water will cost you more than a beer. To save money, refill at every free water outlet you find. Rome has many such outlets at different places, don’t worry you won’t have to try hard.

Enjoying “Apertivo” Meal

This is a very popular system in Rome, where in you buy a drink and get access to food buffet for free. This would help you enjoy your drinks, while you enjoy the meal for a free. However, there is a system in place, so make sure to pace your drinks with food.

Here are the few things you need to keep in mind to save considerable amount of money. If you are travelling alone, and checking out on the last day of your trip, then instead of booking a room for the day, use luggage storage Rome facilities. This would save you money that you would otherwise spend on booking a hotel for half a day. Luggage deposit Rome facilities can be searched online.