Best honeymoon destinations in Australia

Best honeymoon destinations in Australia

Australia being the newest land of the lot has modernization sprinkled all over it. A honeymoon in Australia is not only perfect for an urban couple, but also a great option to opt for a couple that likes to explore each other while exploring the best of wildlife and also while seeing the best of nature. Tours of Australia can be a fantastic way to see everything worth seeing on your holiday.

Here is a list of the best of honeymoon destinations in Australia that you can put in your itinerary:-

  • Sydney

As already established, Australia is a perfect getaway for a couple that likes to move with the crowd. Sydney is a perfect option to opt for if you are looking at exploring the cultural heritage of Australia. Do not miss a show at the Opera House and try exploring the city all by yourself especially during the night to fall in love with each other while you fall more in love with the streets of Sydney.

  • Melbourne

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Melbourne is not only for the couple that likes to be in the city, but is also perfect if even one of you likes to try out new restaurants. Melbourne has the best string of restaurants ranging from Michelin star experiences to the simple amazing street side cafes. There are a lot of historical attractions to cover here and nothing can beat the experience of staring deep into each other’s eyes as you pass under the moonlight enjoying champagne on your tour.

  • Queensland

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Queensland is a mix of all sorts of experiences. Right from a fun sky diving experience to having a meal at the famous Garuva restaurant, your itinerary planner would be full of fun activities and exciting experiences. Top it up with a view of the Kangaroo Point cliff and a stay at a romantic spa resort and you have yourself a chance to spend a memorable time in Australia. Ofcourse, the presence of Surfer’s Paradise by itself is enough to attract you to the amazing coastline and skyline of Queensland.

  • New South Wales

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New South Wales is for the couple that likes to have its own privacy and likes to be nestled in each other’s arms more than getting lost in the crowd. The amazing reefs, the lush greens, the hidden resorts offer a couple everything that they are looking for in a honeymoon resort packages.

  • The Great Barrier Reef

Hidden right in the midst of nature, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the most coveted honeymoon destinations in Australia. Having the most beautiful set of islands as a part, each footstep here is picturesque and majestic. This place is perfect for the couple that likes to splurge in luxurious escapades as each resort here is better than the last. Make sure you undertake scuba diving and other activities that will take you to the safe depths of this amazing reef.

  • Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is not your typical honeymoon destination in Australia, although it makes for a perfect day getaway. This Island is so lively even though it is really secluded. Staying true to its name, the Kangaroo Island is a great day to spend amongst the highlight of Australian wildlife- Kangaroos. You will see them go about their day and do some tricks that are to stay in your memory forever. You can also interact with the Kangaroos making your trip completely worth it.

  • Perth

Perth being the capital of Western Australia has a lot to offer to a couple that wants to enjoy all sorts of experiences on their trip. Firstly, there is the long list of Perth Beaches to relax and rejuvenate at. Then there is the beautiful Kings Park to take a stroll at while being lost in each other. The skyline, the North bridge- everything is extensively beautiful here and there is a lot for a couple to see and enjoy here.