Things to do in Fiji for some exciting great adventure

Things to do in Fiji for some exciting great adventure

Fiji has been the first choice of many people for having a nice time with friends, family or even for lone adventure. Fiji has many things to deliver that make it a perfect spot to start an adventure. Here are some of the things that people like to enjoy when they visit Fiji.

  • Exploring the underwater: Fiji is filled with islands and what Fiji has above, it has more to deliver underwater. You can go underwater to explore the different water world there is beneath. BeqaLagoon is famous for its Shark Dive where you can encounter face to face with the shark. Snorkeling or underwater swimming with fishes, the Kadavu Reefs is the suitable place for this. In Kadavu reefs one can easily get a chance to swim with Anglers, Gaint trevally, Manta rays, Mahi Mahi and with few other abundance fishes.

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  • Visiting the old Fiji: The cultural heritage of Fiji has a unique history and which is still sustained. Levuka presented in Ovalau has been given the rank of National Heritage by UNESCO in 2013. Levuaka is the first place where Europeans settled themselves in the 19th century. Most of the houses of that time are turned into national Hotels. The Fiji Museum has kept the eccentricity of the lost cultural sustained inside it. The museum is truly one of the best museums situated in the South Pacific. The rich architectural art can be seen by visiting Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple as it is termed as must seen tourist attraction in Fiji.
  • Above water rides: With the placement of Island in the Fiji, there are many places which a person can have rides and enjoy the beauty of sea and water.  River Navua has a spread range of 65 kilometers having canyons, Lush Rainforest, different scenarios and other delights. The Cruise Ride of Blue Lagoon is a must go and the rides start from three days ride to seven days. There are many things that can be done while you will be on cruise ride. The Cruise stops at various exotic spots which is having tons of adventurous things to do.

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