The Bucharest Stag Do: My Experience

The Bucharest Stag Do: My Experience

Let’s talk about your future married life.

No, scratch that, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. We should definitely talk about your last free days as a bachelor. And what could be more fun than talking about your future stag do?

You know, the big party you should enjoy before the blissful domestically life that awaits you?

I’m just joking! I’m sure your life won’t change a bit after that big step you’re about to take, but the stag do is a must!

You can see from the title that I chose to speak about a Bucharest stag do, and hear me out before really considering other option.

I’ll tell you all you need to know about what it means to experience a stag weekend in Bucharest, about the beauty of this city and the energy vibe you and your mates will be feeling, and most importantly why you should choose this location as your stag do destination.

Bear with me over the next paragraphs!

A Bucharest Stag Do: Who Would’ve Thought!

Yeah, kind of strange to speak with you, somebody I don’t know, but I can tell you, something is definitely tying us together: a stag weekend in Bucharest.

Yes, once, many years ago, I was in your position, prepping my stag do. Well, not that many years ago, it was in 2015. I was desperately trying to find something amazing for me and the lads to experience.

At first, I looked at my local options, but everything was too familiar for me. There was nothing memorable to do in Sheffield. At least, not anymore, because I was already 30 years old and I knew my city’s ins and outs.

Simply put: I had no bloody ideas!

A friend of mine told me: “Hey, let’s Google some ideas! We’ll definitely find something”

And he was right! Because I found out the best solution: a company specialised in stag do planning. That was grand!

I’ll tell you at the end the name of the company, because I won’t make this about them, but about the amazing experience they set us out for!

After browsing our guilty pleasures and our budgets, the company’s team suggested a Bucharest stag do.

Yeah, right!

Our first reaction was: “We’re not going all the way to bloody Romania for a stag do.”

But they told us that’s the best experience that money can buy and aside from our doubts, we will have a grand time.

So…we accepted. A stag weekend in Bucharest was better than no stag party at all, we thought at the time.

Not only we were wrong and prejudiced about Romania, but it was the best time of my life!

The Bucharest Stag: How it was?

As I said: amazing experience!

Bucharest is such a great city, with a vibe very close to London or Paris, alive and very much kicking.

Booze is cheap and plentiful, women are bloody gorgeous and the food is simply amazing.

Not to mention the activities we did over that stag weekend in Bucharest:

  • We went to an escape room and then directly to a craft beer tasting
  • We shot some real guns and then went directly to the battlefield for a paintball match
  • We played some squash and then went to a pool party
  • During the night, we got to meet the most beautiful beasts of the night, for some girl on girl action
  • During the last day, the boys pranked me and a gorgeous hitch hiker proved to be a surprise stripper, who gave me plenty of attention

That was, in a nutshell, my whole experience. And thanks to the boys and girls from Eventhuse (they’re the company I told you about), everything was planned and the budget was already working in our favour.

I tell you, Eventhuse made us the biggest surprise by suggesting the Bucharest stag do.

As I am now, telling you to go and have the best stag do you can possibly imagine!

Have a good one, mate!