How To Keep Your Body In Shape While Traveling The World

How To Keep Your Body In Shape While Traveling The World

For all fitness freaks across the globe having a routine in life is one of the basic necessities. Getting up at proper time, workout routines, breakfast, lunch and dinner are all fixed like words in the Bible. But, things seem to be scary when it comes to traveling.

Traveling means no proper access to gyms, no proper diets and no proper sleep. One’s whole schedule gets messed up while traveling. Maintaining one’s fitness is one of the hardest tasks that one faces while traveling.

However, There Are A Few Simple Ways To Get In Shape While Traveling

One should commit to oneself that whatever be the circumstances, workouts should never be ignored and should be done every day without fail. The next thing that one needs to consider is a few feet of empty space that one would require for workouts.

Working out is not limited to gyms and there are some very good body weight exercises that can keep you in shape irrespective of the places you travel.

Body weight exercises like Push- ups, Lunges, Squats, Shit-ups, Planks etc can be performed anywhere with a few feet of space. Be it your hotel room or a garden or park in neighborhood, you can always do these exercises.

Apart from these body weight exercises, stretching exercises like Yoga can also be performed in a very limited space with full independence. Various yoga positions not only help to maintain proper posture and flexibility but, they also help in toning up muscle groups. Yoga positions can help in toning smaller muscle groups that even gym weights cannot do.

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For cardio, one can either go on run or jog but, if a place is unknown and there is no suitable place for these then exercises like rope jumping or exercises like star squat that combine both strength and cardio exercises could be performed. Star squats are very useful in combining aerobics with strength exercises.

Controlling Your Diet While Traveling

Now, the next big thing to take care of while traveling is the diet. Diet plays a big role in overall health and fitness of a person. One can always carry an electric kettle with oneself in order to get some warm water so that one can have one’s usual sip of green tea.

Green tea is very helpful in maintaining the overall metabolism. One should avoid fried and fatty food dishes, although it is tough while traveling. One can see that getting and remaining in shape while traveling is not a big issue if one takes care of a few basic things.

Keep Up With Your Supplementation

Regardless of your goals, you should always make sure that you are taking proper supplements. For example, if you goal is fat loss then taking a fat burner such as Garcinia Cambogia with Organic Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar should always be on your priority list. It’s easy to pack and tuck away in your travel bag. That mean you have no excuse not to dial in.


Most of us love to travel the world. Unfortunately, most people put their health on the back burner when traveling. Its our hope that after you read this article you’d realize that you can indeed travel and keep your body in shape at the same time.