All you need for visiting Barcelona in 2018

All you need for visiting Barcelona in 2018

We have just started a new year, and we certainly have great plans for 2018. Our adventurer soul wants to keep travelling and discovering new places, people and cultures. This way, January is the perfect time of the year to plan our trips. Which countries will we visit? Which times are the best to travel to our favorite destinations? Which days should we ask for holidays in our jobs?

Today, we talk about one of the most visited touristic destinations all around the world: Barcelona. So better we start analyzing flights and rental apartments for days in Barcelona, and choose the best time to visit this astonishing city.

Picture: pixabay

Compare flights

Take advantage of websites where you can compare flights’ prices. There, you can observe how prices change depending on the different dates and companies. This way, you can adjust your holidays to the best dates in order to get cheap flights.

Furthermore, if we travel in low season you can get not only cheaper flights, but also cheaper accommodation. Season when prices are lower is the period of time between 15th January and 15th June, except for Easter Week.

Explore accommodation options

When travelling abroad, hotels can be the easiest solution to the accommodation issue. But hotels are not always the option that better suits your requirements.

Sometimes you prefer staying in a charming neighborhood such as El Born with narrow streets and unique personality. Other times you want to count with a kitchen to be able to cook your own meals. In those cases, rental apartments for days in Barcelona are totally advisable accommodation options.

Discover the city

Once you are in Barcelona and you left your baggage in your apartment, you are ready to walk and walk all around the Catalan capital to discover all the jewels of the city.

BarriGòtic (Gothic Quarter) with Barcelona’s Cathedral and all the different pedestrian squares; El Born, a neighborhood with unique personality where we find Palau de la MúsicaCatalana (Catalan Music Hall) and Picasso Museum; Eixample with its characteristic cosmopolitan environment, where some of the most incredible modernistic buildings are placed… We could walk along Barcelona days and days finding amazing spots with the print of Catalan art, culture and tradition.

Enjoy Catalan gastronomy

We can’t walk constantly without a break. We use these breaks to recharge our batteries with a good meal. Additionally, it is a perfect opportunity of discovering Catalan gastronomy.

Traditional dishes such as pàambtomaca (bread and natural grated tomato), Catalan fava beans, butiffara (Catalan sausages) or calçots(local onions with a special sauce) are presents for palates. Additionally, we can’t miss a famous local dessert called crema catalana (Catalan cream), a cream made with base of egg yolks and crispy caramelized sugar on the top. A delicious bite of Catalan culture!