5 traditional dishes you must eat when travelling to South Africa

5 traditional dishes you must eat when travelling to South Africa

 Package holidays to South Africa are not exclusive experiences for nature lovers, African history or culture. They are also an exciting option for all those who love gastronomy and like discovering the most surprising dishes in the remotest spots of the planet.

South African gastronomyis the result of combining traditional cooking from different countries such as Netherlands, France, Germany, India or United Kingdom. That is why it is similar to British food: we find fillet steaks, boiled vegetables, shellfish, fries… This original cooking also has influence from African slaves who lived in Asia. It gives as result a diverse and exceptional culinary amalgam.

If you are thinking about package holidays to South Africa, or if you have already chosen the date when you will travel, you can’t miss these five traditional dishes. They are extremely tasty!

While in South Africa, you should eat…

  • Bunnychow

It is bread stiffed with stew and curry. This dish is the result of combining Malayan cuisineand slaves brought to South Africa by Europeans. It was really popular in apartheid times, because black people only were allowed to buy take-away food in restaurants. Bunny chow became the perfect take-away meal and nowadays every restaurant have a wide range of perfumed breads.

  • Sambal

It is a condiment made of chili and peppers. You can buy in all supermarkets, but we recommend get it in some food stand or restaurant. And of course, be careful when you choose your Sambal version: light or extra spicy.

  • Frikadelle

They are really similar to Spanish meatballs. The look is almost the same. However, this South African version are made with cow, lamb or fish meat. They also have different spices that provide a unique flavor to this original dish.

  • Boerewors

They are spicy sausages you can find in every single food stand, specially in sportive events. They are made with mince and spices such as nutmeg, clove, Jamaican pepper and cilantro or clove seeds. Boerewors are usually served together with pap, which is a traditional porridge.

  • Koeksister

At last but not least, desserts. Desserts lovers also have their special moment in South Africa. Koeksister is a sweet with braided form covered with sugar syrup. The dough is similar to doughnuts, so it is a kind of bun. Sweet, fluffy, soft… No one can resist temptation!