Looking for a stag weekend destination? Here are 2 of the Europe’s cheapest places to party

Looking for a stag weekend destination? Here are 2 of the Europe's cheapest places to party

When it comes to stag do parties, everyone knows that the recipe for success must contain the following keywords: booze, debauchery, hangover and – obviously – some strippers and lap dances.

So if you are the groomsman and you are going to organize the stag do for your best friend, you have to start with the beginning and choose the right destination, which is one of the most important things in the organizing of this kind of party.

Lots of Europe’s destinations can offer you the opportunity to try some fun, new and hot activities, but because prices are also as important as any other criteria you need to consider when organizing a stag weekend, maybe you need some advice or ideas.

So, take a look at the following 2 Eastern European cities, which are the cheapest stag weekends abroad destinations:

  • Bucharest – the capital of Romania

What can you find here? First of all, hot clubbing atmosphere and nice party people. And that’s because Romanians are famous when it comes to having fun and living the moment, so they are considered to be crazy party people!

Then, you’ll see that in Bucharest are lots of gorgeous ladies, the food is absolutely incredible and – of course! – you’ll have something you’ll never find somewhere else in Europe: very cheap booze! And an amazing place where you can drink all do you want, known as the Bucharest Old City. It is the hot spot of the city and it have plenty of pubs, bars night clubs, dance, cocktails and hot girls!

And besides these, because not everything is about booze and debauchery, check out these activities that you should not miss in Bucharest:

  • Tandem sky diving – for a little bit of adrenaline and one of the most hardcore experience of the weekend!
  • Wakeboarding – just one more crazy and extreme activity!
  • Dracula Castle Tour you don’t want to miss the chance to experience the history and the myth of the most wonderful place of the Carpathian mountains, high in the heart of Transylvania – the Castle of Count Dracula!
  • Romanian traditional dinner – precious advice: try vegetable soup from Radauti – strongly recommended for the hangover, cabbage rolls, pork feast and Greaves with onions.

  • Sofia – the capital and largest city of Bulgaria

Also one of the cheapest spots in Europe, Sofia has a dynamic and affordable nightlife! So you can choose, for this destination, a lot of night activities like:

  • Pub crawl
  • Cocktail or club tour
  • Bulgarian traditional meals
  • Dinner and Strip Show
  • Party Bus (with or without a hot stripper)

Or even if it’s night, you can choose something more active and adventurous, like skiing on the powdery slopes, right near Sofia.

And besides that, the Bulgarian capital can offer you a lot of new experiences and a great time even during the day!

For more ideas or if you need help with the organizing, take a look on Eventhuse.co.uk and you’ll find a lot of affordable packages services for the cheapest stag dos from entire Europe!

Make sure that the last weekend of freedom for the soon-to-be-married Mr. Stag will be epic!