Critical Thinking: Why Finding the Right Hotel is Such an Important Decision

Critical Thinking: Why Finding the Right Hotel is Such an Important Decision

It could be argued that picking the right hotel is one of the most important decisions you can make when planning a vacation, as getting it wrong and not narrowing down the right options could be a decision you regret.

Here is a look at why it’s important to take your time to find the hotel that is just right for you and what sort of things you need to consider in order to arrive at the perfect fit.

The perfect spot

Once you have decided where you want to go and what you want to do on vacation that will help you to slim down your hotel options, geographically at least.

However, it is not a good idea to just settle for any hotel that seems to fit your budget in the area as you need to be more selective than that and location definitely matters.

If you pick somewhere like the Marriott Protea Cape Town, for example, this will put you right in a prime area of the city and close to many of the big local attractions. You will soon discover that the location of your hotel can make a big difference for your enjoyment and convenience so make sure you look at a map and see that it ticks the right boxes for you.

Dining options

If you traveling as a family with young children you might want to consider choosing a hotel where you have a few dining options at your disposal.

If you have been out all day sightseeing and want to get the kids fed and ready for bed you don’t want to have to go out again in search of a restaurant and you want to be able to offer them something good to eat.

Check out the dining options and menus for the hotel you are considering booking and see whether it offers you a welcome meal solution as and when you need it.

Getting breakfast included in your room deal can make a big difference to your holiday budget so it’s worth seeing if you can get a deal that includes that all-important start to the day at no extra cost.

Do you need a pool?

The rate that the hotel charges will reflect the standard of the rooms and the service plus the amenities that it offers to guests who stay there.

There is no point paying a premium for a hotel that offers you extensive gym facilities and a nice swimming pool, but if you have children with you the pool is more likely to be a clincher and worth the money.

Decide what facilities you want from your hotel and if a pool is near the top of that list so that you have some readymade entertainment when you want it, that should help you pinpoint some places that are of interest in the area.

The main things to remember are to set a firm budget for the cost of your stay and then see if you can find a hotel that gives you all the features you want at a price you are happy to pay.