Incredible, Mystic India- A tourist’s dream

Incredible, Mystic India- A tourist's dream

   Each year, millions upon millions of tourists from all the corners of the world come and enjoy a vacation in India. Indian Holiday packages are among the most sought-after tourist packages in many parts of the world, especially Europe and the America. At the same time, thousands of non-resident Indians from across the globe come to their motherland since they believe that the best Indian family holidays can be had nowhere except India, the country they feel emotionally close to even if they spend their lifetimes in another country. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why India is known as a tourists dream and the specialties of this country that makes it a perfect destination for all kinds of tourists and travelers.

  • History: There are few countries in the world, if any, that have been endowed with the historical heritage of India. Among the oldest and the foremost human civilizations in the world, historian and tourists with a sense of history find India to be an unparalleled destination for spending their vacation. There are thousands of historical monuments in India that provide a glimpse into the rich and diverse history of this country. Whether it is our ancient excavations of the Indus valley civilization or the great monuments of this country, the historian in you will be absolutely dazzled by the historical marvel that this country is.

  • Spirituality: India is a land of peace and spirituality. There are hordes of tourists and holidaymakers from the western world that travel to India in search of inner peace, quiet and satisfaction that they get in India. Not related to any religion, the Indian ethos of peace, spirituality and universal brotherhood and so existence is widely recognized and celebrated throughout the world. In its thousands of monasteries, ashrams, temples, and mosques, India offers spirituality as no other country does.

  • Diversity: For many tourists, India is a microcosm of the world itself. With the incredible diversity found in its geography, climate, culture, cuisine, and languages, it is difficult to fathom that it is a single country. From glorious mountains that are snowcapped the entire year to amazing beaches, deserts, waterfalls, gorges, and wildlife, India has the incredible diversity that appeals to all tourists, irrespective of their age or social standing. India is among t every few countries in the world that is so diverse that it can easily pass off as a continent and will provide everyone, at all times something that they will be interested in and enjoy.

4) Hospitality: In India, over centuries Guests are treated as Gods. This is evident in the society in general as well as in the warm hospitality and personal care offered by the hotels and places of tourist interest. The incredible hospitality of India is also among the various reasons that tourists want to visit this land again and again.

5) Food: If culinary diversity is something that interests you, India is the foremost cuisine capital of the world. Indian food is among the most popular cuisines across the world and what better place to sample the divine food of India than in India itself. Food, in many ways, is the essence of this country. The cuisine changes every few miles. So much is the culinary diversity of this country that it is impossible to believe that a single country can produce so much different kind of cuisines and food items. From the rich and hot food of the North India to the spicy and flavorful food of the south, from the mild and aromatic food of the east to the robust flavors of the West India, this country is a food paradise. With so many different religions, societies and communities which have all contributed immensely in the culinary kaleidoscope of this country, India can truly qualify to be the most culinarily diverse place on earth.

6) Adventure: If you are an adventure enthusiast, there are a few countries that can compare with India. From exciting coral reefs of the Andaman to the glaciers and skiing of the Kashmir valley, from the desert safaris of Rajasthan and Gujarat to the exciting white river rafting in Rishikesh, India is a land of adventure. Irrespective of which part of the year you come, there will be many venues in the country offering you with the best in the adventure. India has been blessed with such unique and diverse territory that it is natural that you will find the best of adventure opportunity in this country, comparable to the best in the world.

7) Land of Festivals: For an average westerner, used to just a few festivals in the year, India is an incredible country that celebrates different festivals of different faiths, religions, and groups the year round. Depending on which part of the year and the country you choose to travel, you can be a part of one of India’s innumerable festivals that offer an insight into the cultural and religious diversity of the country. There are many tour packages in India that are planned around some of these festivals and many tourists come to India just to participate in these festivals, such is the popularity of Indian festivals.

8)    Shopping: If you are a shopping addict that is fed up of the clichéd European Fashion labels and packaged everything, come to India. With its incredible range of art and craft, jewelry, the finest silk, linen, and cotton to handmade carpets and confections, India is a shopper’s dream. At the fraction of the cost in the western countries, you can buy some seriously exotic stuff from India that is an envy of the value customer worldwide.

Apart from the reasons listed above, there are definitely hundreds of other reasons that make India among the top tourist destinations in the world. In a sense however, it is the genuinely warm and caring people of this country that are a true hallmark of this country and entices the tourist to visit again and again. In any case India is such a vast and diverse land, it is impossible for anyone to see any substantial part of it in one vacation.