How to Spot an Aussie Anywhere

How to Spot an Aussie Anywhere

Whether you rent a campervan hire and road trip through the U.S. or you backpack throughout Europe, if you like to hang out with Aussies and want to make Aussie friends while on your trip, here are 10 ways for you to spot an Aussie anywhere in the world:

  1. How they talk-We aren’t just talking about the highly recognizable Australian accent-although some people mistake it for a Brit or South African one-but rather, the slang that Australians love to use. When you hear the words, arvo, lappy, Barbie, prezzie, or mate, go ahead and turn around because an Aussie is sure to be found. Who knows why they like to shorten words, but they really do and nearly every word that you can think of has been shortened to an Aussie version of it.
  2. 2. Do you hear laughter and loud noise at the bar? This may sound stereotypical, but it isn’t. Australians are friendly people and they know how to have fun. So, the next time you are at a bar in Florence or visiting Austin in Texas and you hear an accented language that sounds like English-but you aren’t sure-and people laughing while enjoying a drink, you may be looking at some beloved Aussies.
  3. You’re not cold? Not to sound cliché, but if you spot a young gentleman in cool weather wearing shorts and sandals, you may in fact be observing a highly interesting specimen known as an Aussie that doesn’t get cold. In all seriousness, we do, but we also like comfort and shorts are comfortable.

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  1. They like to wear thongs. I mean, they like to call flip-flops thongs and yes, they do like to wear their thongs. We’re not sure if you will be more bothered by the fact that Aussies like to wear flip-flops for several occasions or for how confused you will be every time they talk about thongs.
  2. They are those relaxed people, anywhere and everywhere. Aussies know how to be calm and chill and they are even more so when they are traveling-because typically this means vacation-and they are happy to be. They like to be drama-free and while you can’t generalize an entire nation, most Aussies are the easy-going people you will meet on your trip.
  3. They are the life of the party or the fun in the game. It may sound cliché, but if you are an Aussie, know an Aussie, or have ever been to Australia, you know that it is true. We like to have fun and because we enjoy it so much, we don’t understand the need to not have fun during parties, games, or any type of event geared towards a good time. Also, we’ll make sure that you have a good time, as well.
  4. Aussies don’t mind the sun. In fact, they embrace it. Rarely will you find an Aussie who behaves like a vampire. Australians are used to the hot rays of the sun in a country where it can get very, very hot. When you see a white-skinned individual on the beach who doesn’t budge for hours and hours, don’t worry about it-it is most likely an Aussie.
  5. Aussies are blunt and witty. It may take you a while to get used to the Aussie sense of humor, but once you do, you will realize the wit behind their humor. If upon meeting a stranger who starts teasing you right away or joking around themselves in what may seem to be a dark way, don’t worry, you have just met an Aussie, and one that seems to value you enough to share their humor with you.
  6. They know how to enjoy the simple things. While the rest of the world likes to get stressed over complicated topics such as politics and materialism, Australians may appreciate these things, but would much rather spend time thinking about other things that matter much more to them. Family, friends, and a good time are priorities for most Aussies.
  7. They will talk about Australia. This one is a dead give-away, because once you hear them speaking about Australia, which they will most certainly do, you will know that it is undoubtedly their country. Australians are patriotic and they love their country. In fact, while they love traveling abroad, they also love traveling around their country and with good reason.

Australia is a gorgeous country with beaches, rainforest, mountains, and amazing surfing destinations, as well as popular cities with plenty of entertainment and fun. Maybe these are just some reasons why Aussies are the fun, friendly, and lively people they are known to be.

One thing is for sure, when you have the opportunity to make an Australian friend, do it. You will always have a friend to have fun with, with sharp wit, and a passion for enjoying the best things in life.