Cycling – A Holiday with a Difference

Cycling – A Holiday with a Difference

If you are fed up with the traditional sun and sand package holiday and would like to try something a little out of the ordinary, a biking holiday might just be the answer. Historically, cycling in the UK has seen its ups and downs, starting with the turn of the 20th century, when only the wealthy could afford a bicycle, then very quickly, cycling became the aristocrat’s ideal Sunday afternoon, and with the Industrial Revolution in full swing, bicycles began to be mass produced and the craze swept across the country. After a few decades of decline in the 70s and 80s, cycling has now become one of the most popular fitness activities for people from all walks of life, and with so many cyclists, it makes sense to organise cycling holidays.

Cycle Tour Operators

There are some online organisations that are dedicated to providing a wide range of cycling holiday packages, and with a choice of guided or solo, there is something to suit everyone. The list of destination countries available is impressive, and most countries in mainland Europe are included, with Scandinavia another attractive venue, even if it is only in their short summer. The United Kingdom offers a treasure trove of unique cycling tours that include some of the most stunning scenery, and with a choice of rider levels, you won’t be left behind by the pack.

Perfect Family Experience

Taking the family on a cycling holiday is the ideal way to spend quality time together, and with all of you riding together, the pace would be suitable, allowing you more time to stop and admire the local attractions. The tour operator would be very helpful and aside from the many informative articles, they would also provide you with a list of items to bring with you. If you like the idea, why not hold a family meeting, and see how everyone feels about the idea, and most families that do decide to try a cycling holiday, never look back, and spend every year exploring new cultures on two wheels.

Guided Tours

Some folks would be a little reluctant to set off with just a map and some information, and for this reason, you can join a guided tour, which is led by experienced cycling guides, who really know the route. This is a great way to meet new friends, as there would be a large cross section of people who all enjoy cycling.

Self-Guided Tours

For the adventurous people who prefer to navigate themselves, one can choose a self-guided holiday, where you will be provided with maps and accommodation details, and then you are free to travel at your own pace. Bikes can be provided, although a majority of the participants take their own, and you would need to bring your cycling helmet, as wearing one is compulsory in some countries.

There is so much to gain from this unique way of experiencing places, and with tailored cycling holiday packages, you can explore Europe on two wheels.