How to Get the Best Airport Transfer

How to Get the Best Airport Transfer

All travellers know that airport transfers can be a hassle. Often, the driver does not know the language you speak, and many times, cabs and shuttles are highly overpriced, taking advantage of the tourist at every turn. Whether you’re a one-time tourist or an experienced traveller, it is imperative to make sure that your airport transfer runs smoothly and efficiently. No one wants to be stuck with a cab driver who doesn’t know where he’s going. In this guide, we will discuss some possible airport transfer options and the numerous pros and cons of each.

Buses and Shuttles

Ah, the airport shuttle—the old, tried and true ground transportation method. Many travellers know from experience that not all of these types of shuttles arrive on time. It can also be difficult to get from one place to another when you understand only a limited amount of the language you are required to speak when traveling in a foreign country. Different buses and shuttles may go to different areas. That being said, this is the best option for the low-budget traveller. These shuttles are often inexpensive, some costing only a small bit of change from your pocket. They are also guaranteed to reach the correct destination, provided that you know where you’re going.

Airport Cabs

These are the cabs already located at the airport. These are often hit or miss when it comes to service, price, and quality. These options are in the middle of the budget scale, and there are numerous problems a potential traveller may experience. Some drivers may have no idea where your intended destination is located, some may hassle you for a tip, and some cabs may not even have a meter depending on where you are traveling. In most first world destinations, these cabs are fairly reliable; however, the driver may still not speak your language or know exactly where you want to go.

Luxury Cabs

These are on the higher end of the budget spectrum, but if you are looking for quality vehicles, professional service, and comfort, these cabs may be the best option for you. There are often numerous cab companies that offer luxury cab service in every country, and each one has its pros and cons. Some of these may be hired directly at an airport kiosk, and others may be arranged online before you even reach your travel destination. For example, in Melbourne, Australia, you can go to to arrange an airport pickup. These websites range in size and scope, and they offer a broad variety of different airport transfer options for you and your mates to choose from at any time.

Arranging airport transfers and pickups does not have to be anxiety inducing or an arduous process. There are many options available to travellers on any budget level and every inclination. Options differ greatly in every country where you may travel, from buses to shuttles to luxury cabs, there are multiple possibilities. Even if you are on a very small or limited budget for the duration of your travels, you can always find an option that completely meets all your needs. No matter where you’re going, there is always an option for safe, cost-effective transfers to and from the airport. Safe travels, and have a happy vacation!