How to get acquainted with the natives in a strange land

How to get acquainted with the natives in a strange land

Exploring cities in California, living in beautiful hotels in San Diego, riding a luxury limo in Raleigh are one of kind experiences that are definitely worth living for. These are tourist things and are wonderful luxuries that tourists can afford. There is another side to the whole aspect of travelling, where the term used for the people travelling is called travellers and not tourists. Travellers are essential people who want to explore a place not only for their own mental stimulation and inner peace but also to unravel the various aspects of knowledge hiding under various different cultures of various places.

There are different kinds of experiences from different kinds of travel episodes in our lives. Some people travel for a break from their monotonous life, or a break from their crazy hectic life schedule, but for some, travelling is living. For them, it is through travelling that they acquire life’s important lessons. There are wanderers, travellers, nomads and adventurers, all different types of people deriving happiness and experience from everyday situations.

There are certain exotic lands where one can travel in order to experience tranquillity of nature. They travel to these exotic places because they really want to know about the culture of the land they are travelling to, the likes and dislikes of the natives, the behavioural patterns, the societal norms, practices, etc. In case travellers are in a strange and unknown land, the biggest hurdle to come across would be befriending the natives. The natives of any land are usually closed communities with their own sets of norms, rules and patterns. Here are some tips to get acquainted with the natives in a strange land-


  • Firstly, it is advised not to directly go and approach the leaders of the native group. Observation of the norms and rules and daily behaviour of the group is important.
  • One should first approach some natives with a friendly approach and try not to make them feel threatened. Copying their social rituals would be a great idea in order to make a place in their community.
  • Being helpful to the other members of the community and slowly trying to approach towards befriending the leader. Learning to lead lives like the natives might be a difficult job but surely a life changing one.
  • Befriending the leaders of the group is a very important step to earn the trust of the entire community. Once this hurdle is achieved, individuals can get to merge better with the native community.
  • Making observations of the pattern of living is important. One should take note of various cultural behaviours like music, dancing and other entertainment options. Also make notes about various social norms like marriage, having babies, etc
  • Having food made by the natives and taking a note of what they eat in what kind of situations might give individuals a clear understanding of the food habits of the natives.

Hopefully the situation of staying in a strange land is by choice and not by chance. Even if it is, these steps might be of some help because in a new culture, blending in might be a difficult task but not an impossible one.