Diminishing difference between real and virtual

Diminishing difference between real and virtual

The city of Pattaya is the place which has got something for everyone. No matter whether you are interested in the fun and frolic, nature, music or spiritualism or the real adventures of life, there are still some places of interest in the city which attract everyone irrespective of the age, interest, nature and nationality of the person. One such place of interest is the pattaya art in paradise.

Art in Paradise

This art gallery is situated on the third street of Pattaya. This art gallery is unlike the other art galleries which you have witnessed in your life. This art gallery is unique in nature as it eradicates the distance between the painting and the spectators. The paintings are designed by the artist in such a way using the borders and the shading that the paintings come to life. These paintings are three dimensional in nature and it seems that the big eagle of the paintings is just going to hold you in its big claws. The other painting of shark coming to engulf the person and can make fear run into your spine. The entire gallery is divided into 10 different sections exhibiting the 100 individual marvel of art.

Exhibitions of various forms of art       

This art gallery exhibits the fusion of the science with arts. The paintings are built using the optical covering creating illusion before the eyes. It becomes quite difficult to differentiate between the real and illusion. The various themes of Paintings cover topics from nature to wild animal from past civilizations to the classic paintings of the past. You can hold the pencil dangling from the painting of Mona Lisa and have the satisfaction of being Leonardo de Vinci for a while. It takes almost two hours to watch these beautiful pieces of arts, but it could take more for you if you start spending time at every piece of art.