A student’s budgeted travel guide to Greece – Affordable trip to an expensive place

A student’s budgeted travel guide to Greece – Affordable trip to an expensive place

Greece is a Eurozone country and this is the ultimate fact which keeps student travelers with a tight budget at bay. There are many who are of the opinion that they will need loads of money to plan a trip to the Greek resorts. In fact, this is nothing but a common prejudice which is connected to the wrong notions that only business tycoons and financial godfathers can afford to have a stay at the Greek resorts.

However, this is far from being true. Times have changed and with the evolution of the hotel and tourism industry of Greece, they now have adequate options for students to afford small and cheap holidays to Greece and feel the antique and ancient air of Athens.

Greece – An underestimated destination for the budget travelers

No, cheap travel vacations to Greece are no longer a dream. You just have to abide by a simple rule, if you’re not rich, you shouldn’t pretend to be rich. Instead of booking costly hotels, try and eat out in cheaper conventional restaurants and leverage transports which don’t charge you a high fare lest you turn the pleasure of the vacation into endless wastage of money. The statement will be applicable to any country over the world.

When you’re visiting Greece, make sure you don’t only visit the famous places. The locals of Greece usually look for ways of earning money on tourists and they don’t even care whether or not the tourists are ultimately satiated with the costly services. If you check out the vacation packages which can be bargained, you can certainly get few affordable ones. Such packages usually comprise of the delightful destinations which might not be extremely commonplace but which are definitely good to visit. Besides, you can also enjoy cheap services like entertainment and rest.

Is Santorini accessible to travelers on budget?

You will be rather happy to see that there are expensive islands like Santorini which are even accessible to everyone as you can get hostel accomodation for a very less amount. You may as well plan to live inside a tent as people usually travel to the Greek island not just to sit inside the hotel but to spend time outdoor. You just need a bed to sleep and a kitchen to cook fresh vegetables.

Does Santorini offer cheap hotels?

Fira is the pivotal commercial center on Santorini. Though this is one of the costliest places that you can visit in Greece, yet Santorini offers cheap accomodations and hotels which are suitable for the student travel budget. Students can also visit Mylopotas beach which is one of among the best beach destinations for the students which they can visit in Cyclades group of islands.

Make sure you always go through Always Travel With Us Reviews before you visit a place so that you can always be sure about the places you’re going to stay at the destination. Explore all options to travel within your budget so that you can save enough.