6 Ways to Drink Wine like a Pro

6 Ways to Drink Wine like a Pro

Wine experts aren’t born. Instead, they are made. You too can become a wine expert without all the pomp and noise (and without spending lots of money). Use these few tips below to begin drinking wine like an expert.

  1. Get a Better Grasp on the Taste

Gulping the wine simultaneously while flipping through the channels on your TV will not allow you taste the wine better. Take 60 seconds and focus on the drink in your hand. It’s really important that you really get settled and be fully present (conscious) while tasting the wine.

  1. Look Out for These Two Things on the Label

Most times, wine labels don’t give much information, but there are two things to look out for when picking a bottle of wine. Firstly, take note of the varietal and start keeping track of the ones you love – be it saugvinon blanc or pinot noir.

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Next, look at the region where the wine is made. For example, if you enjoy a cabernet franc from the Loire Valley and find another cabernet from the same region, you won’t be blowing away your hard-earned money.

  1. Drink What You Like and Drink It How You Like It

This is the most important factor in drinking wine like an expert. Add a little spirit or add an ice cube if you like. Just do whatever will make you enjoy the wine the most. Anybody else’s opinion doesn’t matter.

  1. Have a Bottle of Wine Ready for All Occasions

Have friends coming over? Just want to relax on a Thursday night? Rib N’ Reef recommends gamay, a light red wine hailing from France. This wine is super versatile; it goes with nearly all kinds of food. It is friendly, eye catching and inexpensive.

  1. Bring a Bottle of Wine for Your Host

Gifting your host a bottle of wine is very important when visiting. You should bring what the host likes.

If you don’t know what the host likes, you can call them and ask if there’s a particular wine you can bring. If they don’t give any direction, pick a bottle that is super versatile such as gamay.

  1. Have a Drink Before an Evening Out

Sometimes sipping on a glass of wine while preparing for an evening out with friends can get you in a fun mood.

Vhino Verde does the magic. It’s really light and doesn’t fill up. Plus, its alcohol concentration rate is low.

So, have a glass or two before stepping out for a wild night.