Try Some of the New Foods at New Orleans

Try Some of the New Foods at New Orleans

New Orleans is quite famous as a culinary town. Some of the cuisines that you will find here have an influence of French, German, Native American, Spanish, Cajun and West African cultures. Therefore, you can find large a variety of dishes during your food tours New Orleans that is liked by people from different parts of the world. Even their local foods also have certain ingredients, which will really surprise you.  

Just click New Orleans food tours and get the list of foods that you can find from the page. Here we shall touch upon two of them in this small write up.

  • Crawfish

People once upon a time used to consider crawfish as a poor man’s dinner. However, nowadays it is a popular delicacy. There are about 95 per cent people in the country, who eat crawfish. If you visit any of the restaurants you will surely find it on their menu list. If you want to relish its real taste then take boiled crawfish.

If you want to order crawfish then you have the option to choose either 3 pounds or 5 pounds. It will be served in a big tray with potatoes, onions, corn on the cob, mushrooms, with different spices. 3 pounds is good enough for any average adult person. However, if you are a heavy eater then you can prefer 5 pounds.

  • Beignets

During your New Orleans food tour, you must try Beignets. It is also called as French Donuts and in looks it is quite close to miniature version of elephant ear or funnel cake. You can eat this at Café du Monde where you can find a place to sit. You must eat them hot as it tastes better at higher temperature.

There are many more such unique food items that you can fish out by visiting any food tour website and surf few pages on it.