Top 3 Northern California Rides

Top 3 Northern California Rides

Although California is well known for being the entertainment capital of the world, the fact is that the Golden State is a perfect place for all kinds of outdoor activities. The sunny weather is ideal for surfing, skating, and, of course, motorcycling. So, with that in mind, we decided that we would take a look at the best rides for the Northern half of the state. Since California is so big, we have to separate it by region, lest we get overwhelmed. Before you head out though, be sure to shop all jackets here, at Even with the sun, the weather can be a bit nippy up North.

#1 Forest Road Overlook, San Francisco

Driving in Frisco can be a monumental task, with winding streets and steep inclines. However, once you get outside of the city, things become heavenly.

One of the best routes in the Bay is heading out to the Forest Road Overlook. This is located on Treasure Island, which is itself a fun place to check out already. This overlook gives you a gorgeous view of the Bay Bridge and the rest of the city. Go during the day or night for equally incredible scenery.

#2 Route 36, Red Bluff to Fortuna

If you want a gorgeous and fun route, this one will take you through one of California’s largest national forest. Since its NorCal, you’ll see a lot of mighty redwoods along the way. What makes Route 36 so enjoyable, however, is that it rides like a roller coaster. We don’t recommend it for novices, as there are a lot of twists, turns, and drops. However, if you can handle it, you’ll love it.

#3 Sonora Pass

Unlike the other two routes that are focused on getting to the coast, this pass winds through mountains and forests. If you like to ride by waterfalls and nature, then you will love this route. During the winter, it gets snowed in, so you’ll have to do it outside of the coldest months. However, seeing the vistas covered in snow is also pretty amazing. Just don’t push your luck.

California is a diverse state with a lot of different environments through which to ride. As long as you have your wits about you and a full tank of gas, we suggest you try them all.