Tips on what to pack for the Maldives

Tips on what to pack for the Maldives

The Maldives being islands of wonder have been attracting tourists for a while now. No wonder this place is a desired destination for weddings, honeymoons or family vacations. Beeches, spa, resorts, natural beauty,etc. is what makes this place gorgeously unique. A place so filled with nature and wholesomeness needs special treatment of packing. Though the desired destination, there are certain things to keep in mind when you pack your things up for this trip.

No to shoes

As you are aware that the Maldives is more about beach life which is why there will be a lot of sand. You might need shoes and footwear in the resort but when going out, leaving shoes behind will be a wise decision. Shoes will only hinder in your experience. A lot of guests struggle for a few days and start to leave their shoes back at their rooms because that is way more easy for everyone to walk around and enjoy barefoot rather than wearing shoes that only cause inconvenience later on.

Dry bags

This should be your top priority when you decide to go to a place like the Maldives. You will be so much in contact with the sea and water that a dry bag is a must. There is a marine life experience, boating, water sports,etc. that to enjoy at your fullest, a dry bag is going to be handy.  With dry bags, you can easily change and carry your dry and wet clothes. At a place like the Maldives, Dry bags are a lifesaver; hence it should be at the top of your list.


This is almost pointless to say that you will need toswimwear when you visit the Maldives. A place surrounded by ocean is definitely a place where you cannot have fun without swimwear. But there is one thing to be careful for,and that is to dress conservatively as it is a Muslim country and it is better to dress in an appropriate swimwear out of courtesy.

In villas like Fairmont Maldives, that can be easily booked on OV Holidays; there is great customer service that will help you with this dilemma of deciding the appropriate clothing for you. Just sit back and relax. Keep all the points in mind,and the services provided to you will make sure that there is no scope for any problems in your trip.