The Mysteries of Collapsed Ships Under Bermuda’s Water

The Mysteries of Collapsed Ships Under Bermuda’s Water

Popularly regarded as the “Shipwreck capital of the Atlantic”, this isle of sunken treasures is estimated to have the most number of shipwrecks per square mile as compared to any other place in the world.

A Glance into The History

At first place, diving shipwrecks in Bermuda are popular than any other tourist attraction place there, after all, it owes its settlement to the survivors of the shipwreck of a Virginia Company ship which went to Bermuda’s coast in the year 1609. One might encounter a hundred of shipwrecks across this tiny coral reef.

Locations for Diving Shipwrecks in Bermuda

  • Cristobal Colon

The largest shipwreck in Bermuda with the Spanish cruise being around 500 feet long, it crashed in 1936. It later got sunk when British Army used it for bombing practices during World War II. This colourful reef serves as a splendid treat to eyes of the divers at present.

  • North Carolina

This sailing ship which is supposed to be 250 feet long, sunk on the New Year’s Day while its way to England in 1880. This classic wreck holds all the mystic view in its collapsed iron soul and a phantom feel in the water around it.

  • The Aristo

Popularly regarded as Bermuda’s unluckiest ship, it actually met its fate dude to another shipwreck over there, Cristobal Colon.  This splendid site is worth a thrill with its engines, boilers and some other parts still visible.

  • The Hermes

It is a fully intersected shipwreck with grand visibility makes it one of the most dived shipwreck sites in Bermuda. It is said that in course of its journey, the ship faced an engine trouble and was thence abandoned by its crew.

While there still happens to be hundred of shipwrecks still intact in its heart, Bermuda serves the best for diving shipwrecks over any other recreation present there.