The Charming Paris City from a Cruise, Boat Ride & Water Activities

The Charming Paris City from a Cruise, Boat Ride & Water Activities

Your visit or holiday in Paris will not be complete until you experience the city from the water. Hop into a cruise or boat and you will agree with the famous saying; Paris has no equal! Here are the amazing experiences to anticipate.

Step Back in Time to Experience Paris from Saint-Martin Canal

Saint-Martin canal is one of the most featured places when people write the history of Paris. Taking a stroll down the famous river, you will discover the overflowing history of the city. To capture the thrill let us travel back to the beginning.

The canal was created by Napoleon I who wanted to make movement easy for Parisians. For a long time, the canal was lined with cafes, warehouses, and factories. It became the heart of the working and industrial class. You can still capture this mood, especially from the PointEphémère Art Centre to the Power Plant.

You will love to learn that great portraits who became the face of the French Resistance were common visitors to Saint-Martin canal. These are personalities such as Louis Jouvert, La Grisette, Georges Brassens, Jacques Mesrine, Deng Xiaoping, and Eugène Varlin.

Discover Paris aboard a Cruise Ship on Canal St Martin

This will be a romantic Paris tour like no other. You will have the opportunity to explore the picturesque Paris sites from Port de Plaisance Paris-Arsenal at the Bastille to Bassin de la Villette.

This cruise tour will be an amazing moment to learn everything about the authentic Paris. Canal St Martin is unique because most of its attractions are still intact. For example, you will be enthralled by the picturesque banks that are lined with trees that are more than 100 years.

Other enthralling attractions include the voûte de la Bastille, an underground tunnel, the locks and lift bridges, and canal footbridges. You will also have the opportunity to see the attractive La Villette basin. This was one of the famous trade ports but has now been redeveloped.

Make sure to also experiment with the famous atmosphere of the famous film, tel du Nord by Arletty, Louis Jouvetm and Marcel Carné.

These experiences are the tip of the iceberg of the thrill to anticipate when you decide to explore Paris from the water. Make sure to book your space here for the most enthralling excursion.