My Wonderful Disneyland California Trip

My Wonderful Disneyland California Trip

One thing I mentally kept in mind when I visited California: I have to visit Disneyland California. I did! To sum it up: I had a blast. Visiting Disneyland California was my childhood dream after all. I tried so many rides and watched shows. I wasn’t that lucky to catch the parades, still it was a fun experience nonetheless.  I am here to recommend you some of the best rides in Disneyland, along with other useful tips!

How did I Get There?

I got to Disneyland California by Disneyland shuttle bus. It was the most convenient way to get to the theme park. It will pick you up at the airport and takes you directly to the Disneyland resort. However, since it charges by the person, it might not the best option if you’re traveling in a group. Alternatively, you can take a taxi or rent a car.

Disneyland California Best Rides:

Now this is the hardest part. It’s tough to pick which Disneyland rides are the best. But I admit I enjoyed Haunted Mansion so much. I loved it because the ride didn’t make me piss my pants or giving me nightmares. There were only friendly ghosts and ghouls, most characters are from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Second ride I loved was Splash Mountain. They totally got me with the major drop (especially after I got through numerous false drops). Soarin’ Around The World and Pirates of The Caribbean was also fun! Though the one that truly captured my heart was Indiana Jones Adventure.

Things Must Do in Disneyland

  1. Watch a Disneyland Parade: This is the one thing I didn’t do, and that was my only regret. But you absolutely must not miss the Disneyland parade. If you’re lucky, you can even catch two or three parades in a single day. It usually happens when the park reached its utmost crowds peak though. Can you catch Mickey’s Soundsational parade on time?
  2. Watch Fireworks: I watched it, and you must too. The fireworks are like Disneyland’s ultimate magic. They also tell some interesting stories from your favorite Disney Classics as well. Fun fact: The fireworks show are held for 250 times a year!
  3. Have A Fancy Meal With Disneyland Character: I was lucky enough I could reserve a spot for a meal with Disney character session. Let me tell you: It was worth it! You won’t get the similar experience other than in Disneyland. So yeah, it’s a must-thing to do when you’re visiting California Disneyland.

What Did I Wear?

I wore a comfortable cotton T-Shirt with smiling Mickey Mouse on it, paired with a comfortable denim pants. Also I layered it with a denim jacket to protect myself from the cold. Lastly, I wear my most comfortable walking shoes. Click here to find more inspirations!


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