Luxury Casino Resorts in the Mediterranean

Luxury Casino Resorts in the Mediterranean

There’s nothing quite like the glamor and glitz of a holiday at a casino resort in the sunny Mediterranean. The combination of gorgeous scenery, sophisticated gambling and a tranquil climate is difficult to beat. For your next holiday on the Mediterranean coastline, book a room at one of these luxurious and classically European casino resorts…

Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino, Monaco

This beautiful Monte Carlo casino is one of the most iconic in the whole world; even featured in classic movies such as Casino Royale and Ocean’s Twelve. Its popularity is due in part to its stunningly opulent decor and classical style – but in equal parts due to its fascinating history. It was Princess Caroline who, in the mid-1800s, realized the business potential of building a first class casino in Monaco. She recruited French entrepreneur Francois Blanc to help construct and promote the hotel, and the sense of royalty and history can be felt throughout the palatial casino to this day. Whilst the hotel is the main attraction for many visitors, the nearby Fairmont Hotel and Monte Carlo Opera House are equally impressive.

Hilton Hotel &Portomaso Casino, Malta

The five star Hilton in St Julians, Malta, is one of the most prestigious hotels on the whole island. Overlooking the romantic and yacht-lined Portomaso Bay, the hotel is surrounded by palm trees and streets filled with vibrant nightlife. Located right next to the hotel’s grand entrance lies the Portomaso Tower – the tallest structure in all of Malta. The panoramic Club 22 can be found on the top floor, whilst the bottom floor is home to the island’s most popular gambling venue – the Portomaso Casino. If you want to make the most out of Malta’s nightlife and enjoy instant access to a modern casino which regularly hosts poker tournaments (including Europe’s largest stand-alone poker tournament, the Battle of Malta) then the Hilton hotel in St Julians is the best place to stay.

Ibiza Gran Hotel & Casino, Ibiza

As the only five star luxury resort on the island, the enormous Ibiza Gran Hotel complex is one of the most popular resorts for luxury living in the Mediterranean. The hotel is truly a resort in every sense of the word; offering countless activities and excursions within arm’s reach – from snorkelling to spa days to tennis courts and – of course – a luxurious gambling hall. Inside the Ibiza Gran Casino you’ll find traditional table games, over one hundred different types of slot machines, a gastronomy bar, and a VIP section for groups of people who want to play privately. Without a doubt, the Ibiza Gran is the number one destination in Ibiza for a night of luxury gambling.

Sunborn Yacht Hotel & Casino, Gibraltar

The Sunborn Yacht Hotel in Gibraltar is one of the most unique concepts hotel in the whole Mediterranean – and certainly one of the most luxurious places to stay. With an increasing demand for luxury accommodation, but limited space for construction on the British Overseas Territory, this superyacht was converted into a 189-room hotel and has also come to double up as an entertainment resort. The most impressive room of all has to be the spacious and nautical themed penthouse suite – with its marble bathroom and private sundeck. The so-called floating hotel is permanently anchored in Gibraltar’s Ocean Village marina. Offices, shops, spas, restaurants – the Sunborn Yacht Hotel has it all, including a world class casino. The onboard casino focuses primarily on table games. It also has dedicated cocktail bar staff that offering tableside service.

Atrium Hotel & Casino, Croatia

Sunny and friendly Split is Croatia’s second largest city, and home to the five-star hotel and casino resort ‘Atrium’. The imposing architectural design of the hotel encompasses marble and glass which reflects the glittering Mediterranean. The resort is praised for its excellent location and state-of-the-art fitness facilities, but also because the Atrium Casino is one of the best in the whole region. For a relaxing holiday in an underrated Mediterranean destinations, don’t miss this luxurious gambler’s resort.

Treat yourself to the full Mediterranean experience by staying at one of these luxurious coastal resorts; where a mixture of gambling, exploring, dining and relaxing will make your holiday unforgettable.