How to Visit Bali on A Shoestring Budget

How to Visit Bali on A Shoestring Budget

Beaches are always one of the first preferences while planning for a nice, relaxing vacation. They are gorgeous, peaceful, refreshing; and if you are talking about beaches, how about Bali! This Indonesian island is known to sea-lovers for multiple attractions- beautiful natural sites as well as historical places. Although a vacation to an internationally renowned place like Bali seems very expensive too, don’t worry. Here’s a guide for you on how to visit Bali on a shoestring budget without missing out any fun.

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A lot of our money is spent on accommodation while travelling. IN Bali, there are a variety of private villas. You can choose one within your range. You can also search for cheap hostels. There are also ‘kosts’- an arrangement of a single room with shared bathroom or you can stay with a host family, thereby minimising your costs. Cheap guesthouses are also available in places like Sanur and Ubud.


Taxis are very expensive around Bali. So the best way is to use a motorbike. You can rent it anywhere, and it’s also fun exploring the beautiful Bali with wind in your hair. If you don’t want to drive yourself, you can find motorbikes on apps where somebody else will drive you. There is also a public bus system called Trans Sarbagita whose fares are very cheap. Be aware of scams.

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Travelling is incomplete without food and the Balinese food is something you should never miss out on. Food, chicken, veggies and other foods are galore. Besides expensive restaurants, the street food is quite cheap. The ‘warungs’ or street side stalls selling local Balinese food at fixed prices are your way to go for a delicious but reasonable meal. Be sure to check out the famous pork restaurant in Ubud Babi Guling Ibu Oka. There are also restaurants that borrow the name ‘warung’ and sell decent food in small spaces. Go for these instead of the fancy restaurants.

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Tourist Spots

Most places in Bali especially the natural sites or the temples and royal palaces are free. Bali has a special calendar system called ‘pawukon’ rotating every 210 days, which features all the Balinese festivals. The Bali Arts Festival and the Bali Kites Festival arrange public parades for everyone to enjoy.

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There are many affordable spa services available in Bali to relax you after a long day of travelling. Instead of choosing expensive spas at the hotels, you can get a spa service on the beaches as well. A massage on the beach will unwind you, especially the sea breeze will refresh your mind. You can always hang around on the beach and enjoy it anyway.


There is a splendid art collection in Bali, especially artworks by local artisans. The cheap markets offer a good price but buying from there is tricky as most of the times you have a chance of being cheated. The Ubud market is one of the best places. There are fixed price art shops like Krishna Bali and Erlangga. As for the markets, your bargaining quality is your best hope.

There you go. Now you can plan your Bali trip easily without worrying about money!