How to Make Your First Camping Trip Easy and Pleasant?

How to Make Your First Camping Trip Easy and Pleasant?

Camping beginners feel a mixture of thrill and excitement about their upcoming adventure. This can prevent them from having a realistic approach and plan accordingly. The following tips will help you compensate for you lack of camping experience and ensure that your first experience of the kind is pleasant and rewarding

  1. How you will sleep is the most important aspect

Many campers will tell you that successful camping is about how you sleep. This is because bad sleeping conditions can ruin the whole experience and nothing will be compensating for it. It’s not enough to get a tent and a sleeping bad. You will need a mat too, to keep you isolated from the cold and possibly very moist ground. Another important aspect is to purchase a mat that is rated for the temperature you expect for the region and time of the year. Also, you should know what to expect from your tent. Canvas tents are more durable while dome tents look like igloos and offer more space.

  1. Get the auxiliary gear you truly need

There no list to fit all campers. It’s up to the area you’re camping in and what it offers (or doesn’t offer), everyone’s needs, the activities you want to engage in, plus the comfort you require. The best idea is to have a look at camping gear online and it will reveal to you countless items that you may need or not. When you see an item, you know whether it’s necessary or not.

  1. Bring a light with you

Light is always needed when camping. You should consider bringing a portable source of light, like a lantern or torch. Lanterns are better because these can be placed somewhere and everyone around benefit of their light.

  1. Consider military clothing

Some camping trips can be very demanding. Camo pants and highly resistant shoes or boots are then required. You might also need a fleece jumper or perhaps even a ski jacket. Note that, it does not matter how it is during the day, a simple t-shirt may not help you for the night. Make sure you get something that’s wind- and rainproof, too.

  1. Protection from the sun

Even when you are camping in a forested area or high up in the mountains and you tend to think the sun won’t do any harm, you should think twice. Any camping trips require spending a lot of time outside and it’s hard to avoid the sun. Take a hat with you, as well as a solar protection cream if your skin is exposed. Dealing with sunstroke can be extremely unpleasant or disabling.

  1. Food and cooking utensils

You may be tempted to think that during camping you will be relying on natural food sources. It takes plenty of outdoor experience to be able to survive only with what the nature provides. Besides the basics that need no preparation, you should also be backing food that’s easy to cook (pasta for example), cutlery, cooking dishes, as well as a portable gas stove. You may not be always able to rely on an open fire.

Of course, not every member of the group has to bring the same things. Don’t forget to discuss well in advance and see who brings what. You need to make sure you have time to purchase the items.