Getting familiar with online hotel star-ratings trends

Getting familiar with online hotel star-ratings trends

Online you have the benefit of checking with hotel star ratings on hotel booking websites. This proves helpful for individuals who are traveling to any foreign destination. The selection of hotels can be made once you have checked with the online ratings.

But before you get started with trusting these ratings, it is obvious that you have to get familiar with the rating process.

  • The moment you go through these ratings, you may hardly come across any negative ratings.
  • When trusting the ratings, you have to be extra cautious.
  • Not all ratings offered online may be true.

So, it is obvious that you cannot consider all ratings as obsolete. Some of them may also be too good to be true, and this is where you have to take your precautions.

Be careful of ratings that are the ninety-nine percent

In general, no hotel can provide with hundred percent satisfactory services to all its customers. Even if customers are satisfied, still some of them always remain unsatisfied. So if you ever come across any star ratings that are 99 percent positive, then it means it cannot be true.

Go through website description

In general, some websites may also customize hotel star ratings depending on the discount offers provided by the hotels to these websites. If a hotel is offering the best discount then the ratings are generally positive.

The moment you search for hotel boutique Jakarta ratings, you will always come across mixed reviews left by customers. A rating of 70 percent is always considered as trustworthy.

Fast track ratings

You may also come across star ratings that have been rated randomly by customers. These are generally advertising tactics used by the hotel services. So if you ever come across such ratings that do not provide detailed explanations, then you should try taking your precautions.

Check services on your own

Just having a five-star rating does not mean that you don’t have to check with the rates and services of that hotel. There are chances that ratings could have been left by paid customers. People often rate hotels on multiple factors. If you are concerned about services, then it is better to check with the website on your own.

Always compare two review websites

In general, it is a better practice to check and compare ratings offered by a minimum of two websites. If both ratings are almost similar then it could be paid reviews.

Checking with online star ratings means that you check with service quality offered by Boutique hotel Jakarta options. Take your precautions before finalizing your choice.