Get known to the climate of Bhutan

Get known to the climate of Bhutan

The weather of Bhutan varies from one place to another depending on its altitude. The northern part remains snow covered constantly and this part shares its border with Tibet. The western, eastern, and central Bhutan has weather very similar to Europe. The country experiences winter during the months November to March. As it is located in the lower valley, summer is hot and winter is pleasant. The southern part has humid, hot, and a sub-tropical climate. The summer months are wet and the showers are mostly during evening hours. Winter is dry while autumn and spring are pleasant. In the high altitude regions, the average temperature is zero whereas it rises to 10°C in summers. Rainfall differs from one region to another based on the elevation.

The concept of tourism in Bhutan

Since the inception of tourism in the year 1974 by the Government of Bhutan, it has implemented a cautious approach towards the development and growth of Bhutan tourism. The tourism industry of this country is based on the sustainability principle that states that tourism should be ecologically and environmentally friendly, culturally and socially acceptable, and viable economically. Tourism is an important sector of revenue for Bhutan but its government does not want it to commercialize. It feels that a small country like Bhutan can do that at its individual pace and time. It realizes that this country is very small regarding mass tourism. At this land, life may not be highly materialistic, however, it offers good for society that has not caught with rat race in a global manner. Bhutanese state’s mandate is Gross National Happiness. National Happiness is standing on the pillars including promotion and preservation of culture, establishing good governance, conserving the natural environment, etc. When you book your Bhutan tour with Bhutan travel agency a Bhutan tour operator can guide you properly.

Tour guides in Bhutan

Every travel to Bhutan is very well guided by a Bhutan travel agent. The agents are knowledgeable, well-trained, and professional qualified certified by the Government of Bhutan. Book my tour organizes the perfect trip.. You can get guides who can speak English along with French, Japanese, German, Spanish, and Chinese speaking guides at an extra cost. Bhutan has a pool of guides who are well-qualified and have pleasant communication skills, aptitude, positive attitude, and thorough knowledge about tourism resources. The National Tourism Board of Bhutan organizes several courses to improve their performance. You can easily avail the services of a well-trained Bhutan travel guide when you plan your tour through Book MyTour.