Finer Options for the Sailboat Sailing Options

Finer Options for the Sailboat Sailing Options

Located in southern Dalmatia, overlooking the blue Adriatic Sea a few miles away from Bosnia and Montenegro, lies Dubrovnik, a beautiful city famous for its historic and scenic charm.

Described as the “Pearl of the Adriatic” and considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, its historical and traditional identity is enhanced by the testimonies of the numerous monuments scattered around the streets of the center.

Do not miss the opportunity to treat yourself to an unforgettable cruise: boat rental in Dubrovnik takes you to the discovery of enchanting places, framed by beautiful pine forests, an eccentric indented coast and the turquoise Adriatic Sea. You can also rent a sailboat in Dubrovnik  also.

Discover Croatia through an unforgettable cruise! we offer you an example of an itinerary departing from Dubrovnik, which will immerse you in the Croatian culture enjoying magnificent landscapes, one more beautiful than the other. If you like quiet sailing, this area of ​​the sea is ideal. Among the culture and a “dolce far niente” in the sun, this itinerary starting from Dubrovnik will fascinate you!

First day: Dubrovnik – Lopud

Your cruise in Croatia starts from Dubrovnik. We advise you to refuel and then set sail for Lopud, a small and very quiet port. You can escape the noise of cars and confusion and enjoy the beautiful subtropical vegetation. This port is the ideal place to relax in this charming harbor.

Second day: Lopud – Mljet

Head to Mljet which offers excellent moorings. The island of Mljet is considered a National Park and offers several walks to do in the heart of a lush forest, rich in fauna and flora. The island’s coastline allows you to take advantage of the sea for a break before resuming the helm.

Third day: Mljet – Korčula

Continue your itinerary starting from Dubrovnik reaching Korčula, another island in the Adriatic Sea. One of the most beautiful islands in Croatia, Korčula is rich in numerous rare animal and plant species. In Korčula you will also find sumptuous Venetian remains such as palaces and medieval houses. It is said that Korčula is the native island of Marco Polo.

Fourth day: Korčula – Sipan

This is the time to plan your return to Dubrovnik by heading to the island of Sipan, the largest island in theElaphites archipelago. The island offers numerous moorings, you can enjoy the sun on board or bathe in clear and warm waters. In the evening you can moor at the port of Šipanska Luka, located to the west of the island. The village of Šipanska Luka is known for its patrician villas built around the 16th and 18th centuries.

Fifth day: Sipan – Dubrovnik

Your itinerary in Croatia has come to an end and it is time to return to Dubrovnik. The city of Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage site, so you won’t be able to leave without visiting its monuments and cultural sites. We must also consider that Dubrovnik is one of the most touristy cities in Croatia, perfect as a seaside resort for its wonderful coasts and its ideal sea for a swim.