Experiencing London in a Unique Way

Experiencing London in a Unique Way

London offers a universal experience with maximum appeal for everyone. You’re always going to have multiple people tell you what it was like to shop at Westfield or eat in Camden Town.

But for some people, London is one of those one-of-a-kind experiences. Which means that the way in which you experience it should be one-of-a-kind. And these are some of the ways you can make the experience unique.

Find yourself a lovely home-away-from-home

If you want to come away feeling fulfilled by everything London has to offer, chances are you won’t be able to do all of it in a single day. So you need to book accommodation. And if you want something top of the range, look no further than London Serviced Apartments, more specifically, St Christopher’s Place apartments to rent. Complete with free Wi-Fi, 24-hour support, and of course, located at the heart of the city, you can access most of the major Tube stations, such as Bond Street, Oxford Circus, and Baker Street.

Kayaking across the Thames

Why hop on a boat to explore the Thames when you can forge your own journey? If you want an up-close look at the London River, then kayaking is the perfect way to do it. Take control and venture out around the Houses of Parliament or Little Venice in Paddington.

Spend a night at the London Zoo

Most zoos will have you come, awe over the animals and then head home again. But London Zoo gives visitors the chance to extend their experience even further. Once the gates are shut, guests can have a tour after dark, as well as enjoy a dinner at the zoo as well as a range of other experiences on offer for the nocturnal visitors.

Feast your eyes on the vivid street art

A lot of artists have the talent to be the next Banksy, and over the last few decades, East London (particularly Shoreditch and Hackney) has become a haven for street artists to depict their own vivid styles.

Pay a visit to a subterranean railway

Everyone knows uses and loves the Tube. But it’s not the only mode of railway transport in London. The Postal Museum is home to an old railway which can take visitors from the 100-year old Post Office railway to the original tunnels, with a theatrical experience thrown into the mix. We’ve come a long way from when letters were delivered using this network, but it packs a heavy nostalgic feeling.

Get coffee in the Victorian Age

You’ll be able to find a Starbucks or a Costa wherever you travel, but it’s unlikely you’ll come across a cafe converted from a Victorian toilet. Located on Foley Street in Fitzrovia, pop down and enjoy a coffee in historical settings (just don’t confuse the non-functioning toilet model for a real one)!

When thinking about what to see and do in London, these quirky sites and events may not have been at the top of your list. But make no mistake, they give your London journey a unique flavour and promise an experience like no other.