Discover the Best Cheap Eats in Queens at These Restaurants

Discover the Best Cheap Eats in Queens at These Restaurants


Besides being the largest of the five boroughs in New York, Queens is the place to be when it comes to exciting sporting events, historic cultural attractions, and great food.

Looking for tasty and affordable food near your hotel in Queens? Here are the best cheap eats that will never fail to reinvigorate your travel-weary tummy.

New Park Pizzeria

Nothing beats the taste and aroma of genuine brick oven pizza. If you’re searching for the finest Italian food this side of Howard Beach in Queens, you simply can’t go wrong with New Park Pizzeria.

New Park was established in 1956 and has earned a loyal fan base for its lip-smacking pizza. Try the Sicilian slice if you are longing for an authentic Italian experience. Craving some meat? Get hooked on the pepperoni slice.

Arepas Cafe

Diversity is at the heart of Queens. Arepas Cafe is a cozy nook located on 36th Avenue in Astoria and caters to hungry travelers who want a taste of Spanish and Venezuelan cuisine.

The mami arepa is famous for its salty cheese, ripe avocado, spicy meat, and soft bread. The green plantain sandwich offers a unique twist to the usual bread sandwich. Arepas Cafe is also known for its variety of drinks including the sugar cane lemonade, authentic mango juice, and the killer passion fruit sangria.

Court Square Diner

Court Square Diner has been around since 1946. They offer 24-hour 7-day food delivery services for those days when you don’t feel like leaving your hotel room.

Try Court Square’s variety of cheese sandwiches including the American, Swiss, and cheddar offerings. Court Square Diner is also famous for its mouthwatering 8-ounce charbroiled burger, California burger, and big Texan sandwich. Want to eat something fresh for a change? Try the chef salad roulette or the famous Greek salad.

El Rey Del Taco Truck

El Rey Del Taco Truck is widely regarded as the best taco truck in Astoria, New York. The place offers great-tasting and inexpensive food that is perfect for budget-oriented travelers with empty stomachs.

The truck usually sits right in front of Rite Aid on 33rd Street. The Especial torta and Cubana torta are consistent bestsellers. The tripas (seasoned pan-fried beef tripe), pork carnitas, and asada tacos are simply too hard to resist. If you only have a small budget for your big cravings, simply stroll down to El Rey Del Taco Truck and have your fill of cheap and tasty food.

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao

If Chinese food is on top of the agenda, it’s hard to beat Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao at 3812 Prince Street. The place is famous for their Xiao Long Bao Soup, which is considered by foodies as the best soup dumpling in Queens. The beef and chili pepper noodle soup and smoked fish noodle soup will warm the soul. The steamed crab meat pork buns and scallion pancake with beef are great for big appetites. Don’t forget to try the steamed crab meat, pork buns, and pan-fried dumplings for an authentic Shanghainese experience.

Queens is hardly considered the epicenter of New York’s food scene. However, there are more than enough awesome and affordable destinations to make this borough worth exploring.