Destinations All Music Lovers Should Visit

Destinations All Music Lovers Should Visit

The United States is full of different types of music that have become famous worldwide. There are some cities that have music as a part of its roots and music is one of the first things mentioned when discussing the city. Making a trip to investigate the music scene of a city is becoming more and more popular among young people. Many music lovers want to see the venues where their favorite artists started out. The following are some destinations that all music lovers should visit.

Austin, Texas is one of the largest destinations for musicians of all types. Not only does Austin have an incredible live music scene but it is also the location for numerous music festivals. Take some time to walk down 6th street in downtown to see what bars with great music attract you. Everything from country to death metal is played within a couple block radius so it is incredible to check out. Take the time to ask locals where their favorite place for live music is as it might be off of the beaten path.Image result for Destinations All Music Lovers Should Visit

Las Vegas is known for gambling and being a place of debauchery. While both of these things still ring true it does have quite the music scene. Plenty of famous acts have called Vegas home and there is no better city to find multiple shows to go to in a night. The EDM music scene is great here as many of the DJs make frequent stops to Vegas on their way to LA.

Seattle was the birthplace of the grunge movement with Nirvana and others starting there. The city hasn’t lost its angst and the music scene continues to thrive. Seattle does have other attractions but coffee shops and good music tend to go together.

After visiting these destinations it might be difficult not to go out and purchase a guitar or mixer. Groupon now has coupons for to make playing music more affordable than ever before. Take a shot to see if you can develop a talent musically. Simply saying that you do not have talent is giving up if you do not give it a real effort. After visiting these locales you might not be able to put down your new guitar or mixer.