Best Places to Visit During a Trip to Portugal

Best Places to Visit During a Trip to Portugal

Portugal is a mixture of old traditions and cultures and modern day living and anyone who is traveling to the country should expect to find friendly people, amazing architecture, stunning castles, and authentic cities and towns.  

Places to Visit During a Trip to Portugal


Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and while this city still has a charming feel of yesteryears, new and trendy activities and options are becoming more of the norm.  People can ride one of the old vintage trolleys through the streets or they can choose to walk along the cobblestone streets and duck into an art nouveau café for a coffee and bite to eat.  A few of the most popular places in Lisbon to visit include the São Jorge Castle, Chiado Fashion District, Parque das Nações, and the Gulbenkian Museum.


Porto is considered the capital of the North and it has even more Old-World charm than Lisbon does.  One of the best things to do in Porto is explore the riverfront district which is filled with arcades and colorful traditional homes.  Everyone will want to taste the city’s famous port wine which is aged over in Vila Nova de Gaia and they can visit there to learn about the process.  Other places to see include the Stock Exchange Palace, the São Francisco Church, Clérigos Church and Tower, Rua de Santa Catarina, and the city’s Market.  

Douro Valley

The countryside of Douro Valley is filled with vineyards and olive and almond trees amongst the twisting canyons.  There are many quintas that offer multiple types of accommodations for people to stay in and these are highly recommended for the ultimate in relaxation and views.


Sintra was always quiet and charming and people would venture there for time away from the big city.  Tourists have now discovered the beauty of the area and while it is now busier than ever before, it is still a nice place to see.  Inside the city, people will find castles that fulfill everyone’s fantasies located within the lush greenery and the interesting hilltops.  


This city is both a busy resort and a quiet fishing village and anyone who visits marvels in the fact that they can walk the streets before sitting down in the sand at the beach for some time in the sun.  As people are wandering the streets, they can immerse themselves in the local’s lives by simply walking through the back streets where locals hang their laundry and kids play outside.  

Portugal is beginning to become more modern, but that doesn’t mean that the country is forgetting about important traditions or their culture.  Instead, they are merging the two and RoutePerfect can assist anyone with finding the perfect mix of activities for their trip to Portugal.