Your Guide To Finding Affordable and the Best Off-Campus Student Accommodation in the UK

Your Guide To Finding Affordable and the Best Off-Campus Student Accommodation in the UK

The property market is very competitive. Rental and lease fees are very high and it may be difficult to find accommodation in the UK. Students wishing to live off-campus, struggle with accommodation because there is little information on renting and leasing readily available in the market. This means that a student will jump on any available opportunity. Below is a useful guide for all students looking for accommodation off-campus:

Comprehensive inquiries about rent

In the course of your search, you will come across different housing units offering accommodation to students. Are there any utility costs included in the rent or is the rent just rental fees? This information will help you make accurate calculations on the rental fees as well as associated utility fees (if any). Also, knowledge of utility costs like heat, electricity, gas and water will help you know if the rent charged is fair or not. Also ask if the rent is pro-rated or not.Image result for Your Guide To Finding Affordable and the Best Off-Campus Student Accommodation in the UK

The amenities available

You need to spend your time studying. You shouldn’t have any interruptions in your schedule. Find out from the agents or the housing unit manager the type of amenities available. Ask about the air conditioning, availability of parking, and the availability and locations of the laundry machine. There could be associated costs to use of these amenities (laundry machine and parking), so, you should find out about all these.

The best student accommodation in Stafford has all these facilities available for communal use at zero extra cost.

Are pets allowed?

You could own a pet. Knowledge of pet rules is important. Information on the regulations for owning and allowing pets as well as any additional fees will guide you in making the right choice for your long stay student accommodation in Stafford, UK.

Condition of the building

However busy or unfamiliar with the UK you may be, you must know the condition of the house you will live in before moving into it. You should therefore schedule a walk-throughvisit with the building manager.

During the walk through, notice and gather all the important information concerning the amount of natural lighting, working condition of the locks, the state of the faucets, find out if the windows are in good working condition, if the toilets work properly, the tiles and grout, shower water pressure, and the state of the electrical appliances.

Presence of a communal kitchen

This will save you high costs associated with buying food and cooking appliances. Take note of the size of the kitchen, the cabinets, and cupboard sizes. You should also ask if there are any additional costs associated with theuse of the kitchen.


Find accommodation in areas that have quick access to train and bus stations for easy commute. You should also undertake thorough research on the safety of the place, average rent rates for the area and convenience. You should reach the campus or library in a short time.

Duration of stay

Find out how long you can stay and if you need to sign a lease, read it carefully. You may need the room for a longer duration than the stated on the lease; say 52 weeks, this information should be included in your lease.

In conclusion, having information about the location, costs, accessibility, available amenities and the state of the house will make it possible for you to decide on the best housing unit for you. You should always trust your instincts on your neighbours’ or landlord’s temperament.