A Unique Holiday Excursion: Sailing in Barcelona with a World-Class Skipper

A Unique Holiday Excursion: Sailing in Barcelona with a World-Class Skipper

As any avid traveller will tell you, Barcelona is in a class of its own within the European landscape as the city is brimming with historically significant buildings, world-class museums, renowned shopping centres, avant-garde eateries, and a multicultural congregation of friendly locals year-round. Thus, it should come as no surprise to find out that Spain now ranks second in the world in terms of foreign tourism and much of this prominence can be attributed to Barcelona’s incredible infrastructure and climate:

  • Weather: The benevolent Mediterranean weather in the area ensures a fairly mild climate year-round with temperate winters and warm, luminous summers. This type of environment guarantees a full assortment of activities and events regardless of when you happen to visit.
  • Transportation: Barcelona features an extensive network of reasonably-priced transportation services all over the city. From the affordable Metro subway and streamlined tramvías to the abundance of busses, taxicabs, and private transporters, you’ll never struggle to find a means of conveyance, which is why many people avoid car rentals altogether when travelling to Barcelona.
  • Nature Meets Modernity: From the gorgeous cove-indented Costa Brava to the expansive Pyrénées Ariégeoises Park, nature lovers can experience some of the most wonderful panoramic views in the world around the Catalonian capital. The urban scene, on the other hand, is just as remarkable, largely due to the wide range of Antoni Gaudi architectural works spread across the metropolis. From the gorgeous Casa Mila and the still-unfinished Sagrada Familia to the skeletally inspired Casa Batllo and a host of other towering attractions, Gaudi’s works define Barcelona’s spirit and essence.

Thus, if you’re looking for an alternative holiday plan that allows you to experience natural beauty, historic sites, and the effervescence of the Mediterranean Sea, look no further than the private boat tours in Barcelona.

Why Go Sailing?

The most prevalent sailing organisations in Barcelona, namely the Sailing Barcelona firm, specialise in facilitating private boat tours in the Mediterranean Sea, but before you go booking a trip for yourself, it’s important to understand why these exclusive nautical excursions are becoming so popular in this day and age:

  • Health Benefits: Beyond the increased cardiovascular fitness that stems from avid sailing, it’s important to point out the more obscured health benefits as well. For instance, the charged ions within the salty air of the sea actually help your body organically process oxygen intake, which increases serotonin production and naturally reinforces happy thoughts. Additionally, the rhythmic movements of the ship and stimulating oceanic sounds have a distinctly positive effect on brain wave patterns, which melts away stress and mollifies your deepest anxieties.
  • Trustworthy Skippers: Sailing Barcelona, for example, features a team of distinguished skippers, all of which are certified by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA). Their extensive training and sea-going wherewithal ensures that each trip is undertaken with the utmost professionalism.
  • Private Sailing: If your goal is to experience sailing in the full breadth of the term, you’ll be able to play the role of a true-to-life sailor on board a magnificent British-built vessel! So whether you wish to hoist and trim the sails with the skipper or simply relax on the deck with a cold beverage, private sailing trips allow you to experience the wonders of the sea in a safe and secure setting.
  • Sunset Sailing: If you partner with a reputable private sailing firm, you can also choose to embark on a slow, romantic sunset journey that cruises up and down Spain’s Mediterranean coastline as the sun sets on the colour-soaked horizon. This type of excursion is perfect for couples seeking an exclusive, passionate outing.

With their world-class skippers, top-notch vessels, and extensive knowledge of local life, Sailing Barcelona gives you a chance to experience an unprecedented excursion in the midst of the gorgeous Mediterranean backdrop, so get started on your planning process today!