7 Reasons you should visit the Komodo Park

7 Reasons you should visit the Komodo Park

Indonesia is a large and diverse country. It is made up of large islands surrounded by the Indian Ocean. In addition, its landscape is quite diverse and made up of tropical regions, swampy lowlands and green highlands.

In this landscape, in the tropical island of Komodo is a wildlife park that is host to a ground lizard that gives the island its name, the Komodo Dragon. It is famous for its size, being the largest land mammal, for its speed while hunting and its aggression to both humans and other animals.

It is a major tourist attraction to the region and hotels in the islands near the park offer their guests easy travel arrangements to visit the park.

Komodo dragons are mysterious and here are a few reasons you should visit the Komodo Dragon Park when you visit Singapore:

They are the largest land reptile

Komodo Dragons are the largest land reptiles. The local name for these lizards loosely translates to land crocodiles. They are close to ten feet long and weigh close to 200lb.

Just like the crocodile, Komodo Dragons are patient hunters. They have a strong sense of smell and sight and can easily camouflage themselves as they wait for their prey to get closer. In addition, they are very fast in spite of their size especially while hunting.

They are indigenous to Indonesia

Komodo Dragons are only naturally found in this region of Indonesia. Those in other parts of the world have been captured here or freely given by the government of Indonesia.

When you visit the Komodo Park, you are seeing them in their natural home.

Their females do not need males to give birth

Being reptiles, Komodo dragons lay eggs. Surprisingly, the female dragons can sometimes fertilize her own eggs leading to birth without the need for male dragons.

They are venomous

This does not sound like a good reason to visit the Komodo Park. Recently, scientists discovered that Komodo Dragons have venom glands that they use to overpower and kill their prey. It was previously thought that their teeth contained numerous harmful bacteria that killed their prey.

They are carnivorous and will often eat a whole carcass of their prey leaving very little traces of a feast.

You are safe at the park

Visitors at the Komodo Dragon park are always accompanied by a group of rangers for their safety and to guide them around the park.

The rangers are trained on how to handle aggression from these monstrous lizards ensuring the safety of their guests at the park.

They rarely eat or attack human beings

Komodo dragons rarely attack human beings. There are very few recorded Komodo attacks on human beings. It is believed that they prefer to invade graves rather than attack a human being. For this reason, the people who live around the park place rocks around graves to prevent the lizards from reaching inside them.

They sometimes eat their children

Due to their size and their large appetites, fully grown Komodo Dragons can easily kill and eat their offspring. To protect themselves, young Komodo Dragons, tend to stay away from adults by staying on trees. Another survival tactic that they use to protect themselves from the adults is to roll themselves in dung.

Due to their strong sense of smell, adult dragons will be repulsed and will not attack the stinking young ones.

How to get to the Komodo Dragons Park

Labuan bajo is a beautiful island dotted with numerous hotels where tourists can live. The Ayana Labuan Bajo resort offers its guests a lovely island experience in its luxurious and beautifully designed hotel.

Guests at the hotel can easily visit the Komodo Park on a one-hour boat ride from Labuan Bajo to Komodo. This trip is made with prior arrangements and the hotel staff will advise their guests on what they require to make this trip memorable and successful.