How a Simple Beach Holiday Can Banish Stress and Improve Health

You don’t have to book expensive holidays to the world’s best known beaches in Hawaii, Miami, Indonesia or Turkey. You don’t need spas and expensive treatments, nor a coach to help you unwind, detox and re-energize. Sometimes, better health and mood are just a few steps away and can be found through the more simple things. If you cannot afford the flight to a distant exotic beach, book a vacation on the closest one. We’ll tell you exactly how it helps:

Anti-stress massage for free

The sand does good in so many ways. It’s completely free to walk barefoot on it and it gives you an excellent foot massage. Also laying on it feel wonderful; besides, it’s a great skin exfoliator.

Mineral-rich water for mental health and beauty

Bathing in the sea water has so many benefits to health. On the outside, the minerals in it rejuvenate your skin and even help with various skin conditions like dermatitis and psoriazis. On the inside, as it permeates the skin, it lifts your mood and clears your head.

The properties of sea aerosols

You must have heard by now it’s good to walk along the shore, right where the water meets it, at dawn and sunset. During these two moments the air carries the largest quantities of aerosols containing particles of sea salt and many other minerals. It’s especially the salt in it that makes it so beneficial to health. Just walk along and take deep breaths; aerosols can ease ear infections and bronchitis, for example. If you are looking for the most beneficial ones, don’t look in the highly touristic spots, but rather in isolated places where the air is clean and the water unpolluted. Beachspotonline – Exotic Vacation Spots can give you plenty of beach holiday ideas.

Your holiday destination of choice needs to be a clean one, with as little human intervention as possible if you’re hoping to maximize the health benefits of sand, water and air. Pollution frequently contaminates shorelines and crowded beaches, thus lowering their quality.